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Bona hardwood floor spray mop is one of the best spray mops for hardwood floors. These mops are durable and come with a lightweight design. Bona spray mop gains popularity because it can clean your your quickly and easily your floors. It does not leave any dulling residue and dry the floor very fast. There is various effective cleaning product from Bona available in the market. You can use any suitable one among them with your bona spray mop to increase cleaning effectiveness.

But like other cleaning tools, the bona hardwood floor spray mop also has some issues; for example- it sometimes not spraying. Well, it is a major issue if you can fix it home. Here we will discuss some common reasons that why your bona mop is not spraying and how you can fix it.

Why bona mop not spraying

Bona is a very popular brand and widely loved by users for its simple design and strong performance. It has a wider mop head to clean both wet and dry. Its electronic features are easy to use and help you to get rid of dust and allergens. The machine-washable microfiber cleaning pads do not leave any gummy or dulling residue.

Instead of having lots of good qualities, many people complain against bona’s performance, and the vital cause is not spraying. The prime reason for not spraying is a clog in the nozzle. Besides this, there are some more reasons for not spraying, these are-

The spray mechanism does not work

The bona hardwood floor spray mop offers an amazing technology for spraying. But sometimes, this mechanism does not work properly and stops spraying. The spray trigger mechanism stops working if it is not in its correct position. You need to set the trigger in the correct position. Hopefully, the correct position of the trigger will start working and spraying according to your demand.

Assemble the Mop

The bona hardwood floor spray mop comes with different parts. You need to assemble this tool correctly; otherwise, it cannot spray properly. You should follow the manual book to assemble the different parts of the mop in a correct way. Assemble all parts one after another, then go for a test run to check if all are ok.

If still the mop is not spraying, then remove the refillable cleaner cartridge from the tool. Again assemble the poles A and B and push down firmly until both poles are completely clicked into place. If these poles are not locked into the right place, it will not spray properly. So strongly push them.

Check the batteries

Bona hardwood floor spray mop needs four AA batteries to get power. If the batteries are not in the right position or they are out of charge, then the mop will not spray. So, if your bona mop refuses to spray, then check the batteries.

The battery compartment is placed on the back of the mop head. Agitate the mop head slightly with the click button. Check the batteries’ positions and charge also. Hopefully, after charging the batteries, the mop will start spraying.

Refill the bona cartridges

The next-generation bona spray mop comes with a refillable cartridge. If the cartridge is finished, then the mop will not spray. So, you should check the cartridge if the mop is not spraying.

It is quite easy to refill the cartridge. The wide opening and the flat bottom will allow you to do it easily. Even the innovative bag-in-bottle design of the mop will help to spray smoothly every time. Pick the suitable bona cleaner for the mop and the floor and refill the cartridge. We hope your mop will now spray properly.

Unclog the spray nozzle

Clogging is the often occurring problem of all spray mops. If your bona mop is not spraying smoothly or not spraying at all, maybe there is a clog into the nozzle. Like other spray mops, you need to unclog the nozzle to solve this problem.

Vinegar is a very popular household product that works really in unclogging the mop’s nozzle. Pour some white vinegar into a bowl and dip a toothpick into it. Now insert the tip of the toothpick into the nozzle as far as possible. Do it until you become sure the clog has broken down. Test the mop if the nozzle is spraying are not. We hope the vinegar will successfully unclog the nozzle and allow it to spray again.

Wrapping up

Not spraying is a common problem of all types of spray mops. So, do not worry if your bona mop is not spraying. Most of the issues regarding not spraying can be fixed at home. Try to find out why your mop is not spraying and fix them following the above-listed methods. We hope the above-listed methods will guide you by correctly assembling your bona mop and fixing other spray issues. All the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are bona cartridges refillable?

Yes, the bona cartridge is refillable. And the wide opening and the flat bottom will allow you to do it easily.

How to refill a bona spray bottle?

The refill procedure of bona spray bottle:

  1. Hold the top of the bona spray bottle carefully.
  2. Now twist the top of the spray bottle up to a quarter turn to remove.
  3. Pour the liquid into the spray bottle. A suitable funnel can make your job easier.
  4. Once the bottle is refilled, put the top back into the spray bottle and lock it into the right place again with a quarter turn.
  5. Use your bona spray mop again to clean the floor.

Does bona hardwood spray mop need batteries?

Yes, the bona hardwood spray mop needs four AA batteries that you need to insert on the mop head’s back.

What is a bona cleaner?

Bona is a popular brand for manufacturing floor cleaning items. Bona cleaner is one of these items which is widely used for household cleaning. The Bona hardwood floor cleaner is a ready-to-use formula that can clean all hard-surface floors and can remove dust, grime, and dirt effectively.

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