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Spin mop and steam mop both are very popular and widely used floor cleaning tools. Both offer plenty of features to clean floors effectively. But still, there is some difference, and that’s why a new user can be confused on which one is better at cleaning their home.

A spin mop offers a very simple operation with a highly absorbent feature. This mop is very effective in cleaning spills and other messy accidents easily. Though many people choose this tool over other types of mops, it requires more effort to clean properly, and it is time-consuming also.

On the other hand, steam mops are becoming more and more popular to the houseowners at present days. The prime reason is, the steam mop does not only clean the surface but sanitize also. This cleaning tool is very convenient and saves you lots of time.

There is some hybrid model of steam mop, which offers the spray mop features also. It offers you to clean your floor without using any harsh chemicals. Undoubtedly it is an expensive one and needs some preparation before you proceed to work.

Well, both mops are great in keeping your house sparkly clean. But spin mop Vs.steam mop, which one is the best for the cleaning requirement of the house. This post will help you to answer that question so that you can choose the best one.

Spin mops

Spin mops are the best for deep cleaning. Moreover, they are a suitable tool if you do not clean your floors regularly. In addition, these mops are ideal for most types of flooring surfaces, especially for finished flooring.

Like other mops, the spin mop also has a cleaning pad, usually made of microfiber. These pads are removable and able to absorb spills and dirt easily. If you properly take care of these mops, they are lasting for a long time.

Another amazing part of the spin mop is, it is versatile and does not require any power source to run. The simple operation of the mop will give you the taste of basics. You can use this mop instantly without learning anything from the manual. Just pour the required amount of water into the bucket, mix your favorite floor cleaner, and you are ready to mop the floor; it is really simple!

Advantages of spin mop

Easily capture dust and dirt

The microfiber cleaning pad of the spin mop able to remove household bacteria from the surface. The microfiber pad creates a static electric charge which attracts dust from the floor like a magnet. The pad’s fiber can also trap all dirt on the floor and work better to remove debris and crumbs than a steam mop.

Long-lasting tool

A spin mop head means its pad lasts more than a steam mop. With proper care, it can last over the year. It is also easy to maintain the tool.

Great for quick cleanups

The spin mop’s microfiber mop head is very absorbent; it can hold water up to seven times its weight. Moreover, it is great at dealing with accidental spills.

Safe for almost all floors

A spin mop is a great tool for a deep clean with a damp mop and a good option for quick dry cleaning. The mop’s versatile feature will allow you to clean almost all types of flooring except the carpet. Do you have an unsealed hardwood floor? Do not worry; you can use a spin mop for dry cleaning without worrying about any damage.

The removable and washable pad

The microfiber mop head of the spim mop is removable and washable. You can easily remove it from the mop handle and wash it into the machine following some simple steps.

Easy to use

The spin mop offers a very simple using mechanism so anyone can use it. You just have to pour some water into the bucket and add some suitable floor cleaner into it. Damp the mop head into the bucket water and put it into the basket placed on the bucket. Push the paddle to spin and wring away excess water. Now start your mopping.


All models of spin mops usually come at an affordable price in comparison to steam mops. So, if you need a budget-friendly tool for your house cleaning, then spin mop may be a good choice.

Disadvantages of spin mops

Need moor physical efforts

When you use a spin mop, you need to give more physical effort to clean the floor. Especially when you will deal with stubborn dirt and grime, you have to scrub a lot.

You may need to use another cleaning product

You may need to use some other cleaning product to enhance its cleaning efficiency. Cleaning detergents and other solutions contain harmful chemicals, including parabens, 2-butoxyethanol, d-limonene, and pine oil. Cleaning product with these elements around your home is not safe,especially for your kids and pets.

Steam mops

A steam mop is an amazing cleaning tool that comes with an innovative cleaning method. You just need to press the switch to on the power, and steam will create within a few seconds. This mop is designed to make your cleaning work quick, easy, and hassle-free.

When you use a steam cleaner, you can continuously do it. You do not have to stop your cleaning work to replace the water and wring out the mop pad. Even you do not need to give effort in removing grime and stains. You just have to push your mop forward and backward; that’s it.

The steam mops’ motor takes only a few seconds to boil water for up to 245 F and starts releasing steam from its head. This temperature is quite enough to kill up to 99% of household germs and bacteria.

The steam mop not only cleans your floor but sanitizes also. It makes your floor safe for your kids and pets. The mop comes with dirt dissolving cleaner in the pad; that’s why it is more effective in cleaning the floor than other mops. Another most amazing part of the steam mop is, you do not need to add any other floor cleaner or detergent. It is completely an eco-friendly and cost-effective tool.

Advantages of the steam mop

Remove household germs

As we already said, a steam mop can kill up to 99% of bacteria and germs, including surface mold, dust mites, salmonella, etc. According to the experts, when water reaches 175F, it can sanitize the surface more effectively.

Remove stubborn dirt easily

The steam mop’s pad power is quite high than the spin mop as it runs on electricity. That is why using a steam mop means a natural and powerful method of removing tough dirt and stain. It releases an extremely hot vapor that can easily loosen grime. It can remove mold and reduce the chances of regrowth.

High cleaning performance

Some steam mop models are featuring various cleaning settings. So, you can use the mop to customize your required cleaning power to clean your floor. Now you can use this mop for deep or quick cleaning.

Need minimum scrubbing

The steam mop needs almost no effort to clean the floor. You just need to fill up the water reservoir with clean water and connect it to the power source. It takes few times only to boil the water, and once the water is boiled, it starts releasing vapor.

When the setup is done, the mop will start all the mopping for you. You just have to glide around, and even you can do it using your single hand.

Environmentally friendly

One of the most important steam mop features is that it can clean naturally; it is environmentally friendly. You do not need to use any toxic and harmful chemicals to increase the efficiency of cleaning. Your floor will be clean naturally with only hot steam and will be safe for kids and pets.

Disadvantages of the steam mop

Not suitable for all floors

As the steam mop release hot steam, it is not suitable for all kinds of flooring. Experts do not recommend this tool to use on laminate or wooden floors. This mop is also not suitable for the surface with gaps like vinyl tiles or vinyl planking. Even you should not use it on the hardwood flooring with cracks. Steam mopping on these flooring can even cause damages.

Need electricity or power connection to run

Another limitation of a steam mop is that you can not use this mop without a power supply. If the mop has a corded unit, it may be difficult to clean a large space with it. Whenever you try to move with the mop in a large space, the cord can get stuck or tangled around the furniture. On the other hand, the battery-operated models need to be full charged before every mopping session.

A little bit pricy

Any models of the steam mops are more expensive than spin mops. Depending on the features and models, the price may vary, but still, it is more pricy than other mops. So, if your budget is limited, you should not go for the steam mop.

Wrapping up

If you want an effortless cleaning with a quick and easy efficient cleaning solution and have no problem with the budget, you should go for the steam mop. But if you are bounded with a budget and don’t mind the extra labor, the spin mop may be a good choice. However, both these mops are good at their own features and functionalities. So, finally, you should go for your preference.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is a steam mop is better than a regular mop?

A steam mop can clean your floor like other regular mops. But it is limited by a cord, as it is quite difficult to move with a cord while cleaning a large space. At the same time, a steam mop can disinfect your floor also. So, it has both positive and negative issues, and it’s up to you to make your choice between a steam mop or a regular mop.

Which one is better, spin mop or a flat mop?

The flat mop can clean fine dust better than other mops. It can also clean better the hair and bigger dirt. While the spin mop pad tangle or get stuck with hair and bigger dirt, and it becomes difficult to remove them.

Can I mop with just water?

Only water can not clean the floor properly. You should add some appropriate floor cleaner to increase cleaning effectiveness. Only water cannot remove grease, mold, and other tough stains.

Can I mop my floor with a laundry detergent?

Yes, the laundry detergent’s cleaning enzyme is really very effective in pulling away dirt from the floor. Pour some hot water into the mop bucket and then add about one teaspoon of laundry detergent. Mix them well and mop your floor.

Why are my floors still dirty after mopping?

There are two possible reasons why your floors are still dirty after mopping.

Your floor cleaner may contain excess floor soap and leave residue after mopping. Or, you do not replace the dirty water and continue mopping with it.

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