Shark Steam Mop Not Blowing Steam | Here is the Solutions

Electrical appliances made our life much easier. But these are not blessings always and could be a curse sometimes. We bought a new product to make our life simpler and easier. But when it gets broken, you will feel many problems. Steam mops are also such a kind of appliance.

A steam mop can provide you with the feel of natural cleaning. Shark Steam Mops are one step ahead of any other steam mops. But you should face many problems if the mop stops working correctly. If you see that your shark steam mop is not blowing steam properly, you won’t get the expected output. So, you should know the process of fixing this issue.

There are a few reasons that occur the problem and reduce the blowing speed of steam mop. Here we are describing a few reasons for it. Besides, you will get the solution to fix the problem and let your steam mop blow correctly like last time.

How to Fix the Shark Steam Mop Not Blowing Steam?

Your Shark steam mop may not blow any steam. If this happens, the mop won’t work. It’s a common issue of steam mops that occur in complex water areas. When the steam mop gets clogged with limescale, the mop won’t blow any steam. The incident can also happen if you don’t notice the mineral residue or empty water tank. 

Your cleaning might get hampered if the shark steam mop stops working due to the not-blowing issue. So, it would help if you fixed this quickly. As the mineral blocks the steam release, you should go for such a liquid type, which can save your steam mop from stop blowing. You can use distilled water for steam cleaning. Distilled water doesn’t come with any minerals. So, it won’t create clogging or other potential damage to the tank. 

You can follow these steps:

Step-1: Open the main body to remove the tank

Step-2: Make the tank empty

Step-3: Rinse the inside of the mop and remove all the limescale traces of mineral deposits.

Step-4: Fill the tank using distilled water after cleaning the inner part of the tank.

It will prevent future blockage. But you may see the steam is coming out slower than the last time. Some mineral deposits might escape while cleaning the tank. They are responsible for this situation.

Just press the steam button of your Shark Steam Mop regularly. It will remove all the deposits from the tank slowly. Though this process may take a little bit of time, you will get a clean machine that works smooth as it worked previously. 

No Steam or Intermittent Steam

This problem occurs more frequently than you think. Your Shark Steam Mop can stop blowing steam if it gets clogged with the deposits of the mineral. Water contains lots of minerals. If any mineral emits from it, this will form a layer of deposits inside the steamer. As a result, your steamer won’t move out, and you can’t use the mop properly to clean your floor.

 If you want to remove the steamer’s deposited layer, make a mixture of water and vinegar. In that mixture, both of the ingredients will be 50-50. Then clean the steamer using the combination. If you don’t want to spend much on the mixture, you can use white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar.

No Steam Coming Out/Loss of Steam

If you notice that the steamer is not working correctly after decalcifying, you should look at the water reservoir. Steam won’t produce if you see the steamer is running out of water. The steam flow will keep reducing if you use the steamer consistently. You should refill the water again to rectify the problem.

The steamer is Not Turning On

If you see the steamer is not turning on, then you should check its operational light. The problem might be on the plug socket or in the plug. You should change the fuse as soon as possible if you see the steamers plug is blown. Then test the fuse in another power socket of your house. 

But if you see the steamer is not turning on after changing the fuse, but the light is illuminating, it means the steamer is clogged due to sediment and limescale. And it’s causing the malfunctioning to your system.

How to Flush Sediment and Limescale Out of The Steamer?

You may find sediment and limescale got stuck inside your shark steam mop. It would help if you disconnected some attachments like hose, pole, and others to remove the steamer’s residue and limescale. To do this:

  1. Place the steamer in a sink or tub.
  2. Unscrew all the drainage valves.
  3. Flush it out and run water through the small whole.
  4. Keep the water flow running until clear water comes out.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Can I use tap water in Shark Steam Mop?

Yes, you can. But tap water contains various mineral deposits, so you should avoid this because it will create clogs inside the steamer. The best solution is to use distilled water to prevent this problem.

How to fix a shark steam mop which is unable to release steam?

At first, unplug the Shark steam mop. Then remove the head. There you will get a small hole. The steam blows through the nozzle. Insert a cleaner to that whole, start moving it up and down, and continue the process a few times. It will clear the blockage of the steam.

How to Prevent Water from Coming out Of the Steamer?

When water fills the hose, it creates pressure on it. As a result, your steamer might be leaked. Usually, it occurs between the water reservoir and base. It is very easy to solve. Just hold your steamers nozzle high. Then drain back the water inside the hose to the steamer.

Does steam mop harm hardwood floors?

Hardwoods come with durable and boned engineering with adhesives. If you use a steam mop to clean the hardwood floor, it may affect those adhesives’ quality. It may put moisture between the layers of the hardwood floor. As a result, it will weaken the bondage and your floor might damage permanently. That’s why; using a steam mop to clean hardwood floors won’t bring any good news for you.

Final Words:

Shark steam mops are very much valuable for clean floors naturally. But if you keep using this repeatedly, its working performance will get reduced. As water is a must-needed item to create steam, it can also generate blockage into the steamer, especially normal water containing various mineral deposits and timescales.

As a result, your shark steam mop will stop working correctly. You should know the process to fix the problem. Here, we discussed some reasons and solutions for the blockage. If you see your shark steam mop not blowing steam properly, you can quickly fix the issue following these steps.

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