Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System | A Upgrade For Home Cleaning

Without a gadget, cleaning a hard floor is a challenging task. That’s why Shark Genius, a brandable name produces a high-quality steam pocket mop to clean hard floors. It is a great upgrade to your cleaning task.

This all-in-one mop system is a mixture of comfort and power. It effectively cleans the floors with a steam blasting function. So, should you ditch the mop and bucket? To know the answer, you have to go through the article and make a wise decision.

Shark Genius Cleaning System: First Impression

When you uncover the package, you will find the steam mop in three parts: main body, handle, and mop portion. So it needs a minor assembly after getting the product. Maintaining the manual instructions, attach the handle with the main components, and then the mop portion. You require a few minutes to assemble, and all of them convey which part is in the front.

You will get two washable mop pads included with the gadget. These pads are designed specially to grab all the dirt and debris. There is also a filling flask of 220 milliliters made of durable plastic. There are no other accessories included with the mop.

Cleaning Surface Compatibility

The steaming mopping system cleans the floor using heated vapors that dissolve dirt with its highly absorbent damp fabric pads. You don’t need to use any kind of detergent, bleach, or fabric softeners. As the steam mop doesn’t use any toxicity and leaves a fresh and hygienic room, it is highly recommended for those who look for a more child-friendly technique.

The steam mop has three intelligent steaming controllers that allow you to use it on any tile, slate, or other hard surfaces. You can clean up a wide range of areas around the home, kitchen cabinets, bathroom, or shower stalls. Any type of sealed surface is ideal for steam mopping.

You can accomplish mopping tasks in a more conventional way as the surface dries faster after treatment. Still, there will be tiny amounts of moisture getting locked on the surface, but whatever remains it evaporates quickly or is absorbed by the attached mop pad. The floor will be dried in a few seconds if it is slate, marble, tile, or vinyl or wood-laminate floors.

There are some restrictions if you are using the wood floor. Laminated floors are eligible to take the occasional spills but are careful while working on vinyl laminates. Moreover, stemming setting is also important since excessive steam can seep into the cracks and cause problems. So ensure the wood floor is fully sealed and keep the steam in a light setting.

Whenever cleaning with the steaming mops, it will be wise if you vacuum at first to avoid hair clumps or pets hair. However many users are using distilled water instead of regular water to eradicate later deposits and clogs in the steamer’s internals.

Design and Comfort

Shark Genius manufactures an amazing and proper steam mop that comes with exciting features and specs. Firstly, the lightweight plastic body is super convenient to navigate. The slim body and folded head enable you to store it in a narrower space. The ergonomically designed grip handle is very comfortable to maneuver.

You can use the mop by directly plugging in; it has no ON/OFF switched. To control the steaming flow; there is a reservoir cap fixed lower down the housing. The laminated wood floor should clean at a lower steaming level and gummy junk at a higher level. The dual-sided pads have the super absorbent capability. It can lift up gripping materials and lock the dirt, leaving a shiny and fast dry cleaning.

When you start sweeping, it will be an effortless system that you ever had. It is the easiest wet mop. No matter if you are working on full power, the mopping tasks will be very quiet, and no one will be disturbed. The steam mop has a 22-foot power cord, which is ample to reach the most power outlet. So you don’t need to always look for plugs.

Easy To Clean

It’s a totally hands-free operation; that means you don’t need to touch dirty clothes or any dirt. Thanks to its machine-washable mop pads. You can remove the mop pad from the head without any effort. Just press the release button and drop it in the washer or laundry basket. Again you don’t have to wait for washing pads; you can use the extra pad to start mopping. Place the mop pad as instructed and press the latch button.

The steam mop’s water reservoir is not separable, but it can be empty by dipping the body over and allowing the excess drain off. The 220 milliliters water capacity is enough for 20 minutes of swapping. A bigger reservoir is to maximize the sweeping time between refills.

Cleaning Performance

The cleaning performance of the steam mop is very satisfying. When you plug the cord with a full water reservoir, it will start steaming in less than 1 minute. The vapor comes throughout the pocket and creates a wide zone to trap dirt. It eliminates dirt and debris, even destroying 99% of all harmful germs without any toxicity.

You don’t need to sweep with force as the forceful hot moist performs well in the cleaning action. No scrubbing, no scraping needed to lift greasy grime. Whatsoever, increase the steaming level to deal with encrusted dirt and oily films with a few more sweeping.

You can also clean the stuck-on messes easily with the Steam Blaster. It is a powerful burst of steam that attacks tough stains and hot moisture loosen the debris leaving a spotless floor. Along with the floor, it effectively cleans the grout lines throughout the tiles and wall corners.


Fully touch-free operation keeping your hands dry and safe.

Three-stage of steaming settings.

Washable and reusable two mop pads are included in the package.

Lightweight body.

Effectively clean dirt, grease, and sticky mess.


No on/off button.

The water reserver is not detachable.

Somewhat expensive.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Can I use Shark Genius mop on the wood floor?

If you have a fully laminated wood floor then you can maneuver the mop on the floor at a lower steaming setting. Be sure there is no crack on the floor which can seep hot moist. If there is any, it will cause further damage.

How do you use shark hard floor cleaner?

It is so simple to navigate the Shark hard floor cleaner. First, attach the mopping pad on the head of the mop maintaining the instruction, and fill the water tank with normal water or you can use distilled water. Then plug the attached cord to turn on the steaming mop. Set the steaming level low, medium, or high, then start mopping. In every swipe, you will get a clean and spotless floor.

Is steaming floors better than mopping?

Steaming mops cleans the floor without any kinds of chemicals or detergent. The hot moisture loosens the dirt and the pad absorbs them. You don’t need to scrap the floor. On the other hand, in regular mopping, you need to use detergent to clean greasy stains and require scrapping which can cause stress on your back. So it is better than mopping and gives a better result. But it costs much money and also requires electricity to operate, which may prove costly. If you consider the efficiency, the steam mop will be the best.

Final Words

Shark Genius steam mop is an all-rounder moping gadget. You can effortlessly clean the hard floor without breaking your back. It is the best way of cleaning. Though the price may be high for someone but the efficiency is worthwhile the price. So you can pay for this to enjoy a long-lasting service.

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