Secura Steam Mop 10-in-1 Convenient Detachable Steam Cleaner

The Secura Steam Mop 10-in-1 Convenient Detachable Steam Cleaner is a convenient solution to most common household problems. The steam Cleaner works as both a steam mop and handheld steamer, so you can clean your home without having to lug around multiple appliances. Best yet, Secura Steam Mop has 10 different attachments that allow you to use it for various things!

What is Secura Steam Mop 10-in-1 Steam Mop?

The Secura Steam Mop is a versatile Steam Mop that effectively cleans your sinks, stoves, ovens, shavers, bathtubs, faucet fixtures, toys, tiles, Refrigerators. This Mop is different features and 10 functional accessories in one. So it works multi-purpose and multidimensional activities.

SecuraSteam Mop Product information:

NameSecura Steam Mop
Model NumberEM-516
Product DimensionsHeight: 18.4inches Width: 9.5inches Length: 7.6 inches
Weight5.99 pounds
Power Capacity1200W 
Warm-Up Time:25 to 30 sec
Water Tank Capacity300ml
Batteries Required?No
Warranty1-year Warranty

Features of Secura Steam Mop:

The Secura Steam Mop is a convenient, easy-to-use detachable steam cleaner with many different features. This particular model includes features are as following:

  1. A removable and re-attachable cloth pad that makes it easier to clean hard floors without leaving streaks or sticky residue like some other types of pads. The heat generated from the steaming process acts as a disinfectant, killing 99.99% of bacteria and germs without adding chemicals to the floor that could damage it.
  2. The 2 insulated hose is designed to maintain its temperature for more extended periods, so there’s no need to wait for more than a few minutes between uses.
  3. Automatic shut off after 45 seconds if the steam is not in use.
  4. A built-in safety lock prevents the steaming trigger from being depressed while moving around and causing potential injury.
  5. An easily adjustable water level control can be set depending on how much you want for your cleaning session. The more water, the higher the temperature of the steam. Lesser amounts will result in lower temperatures.
  6. A lengthy power cord that can extend up to 30 feet. This means you can use it in your garage, basement or any other room without worrying about running out of cord length.
  7. The Secura Steam Mop is compact and lightweight at only 15 pounds, so it’s easy to take with you wherever there might be a need to clean.
  8. The detachable and re-attachable cloth pad also means you don’t need to put the Secura Steam Mop away when it’s time for your flooring material to dry. Simply remove the steam mop head, attach a microfiber or cotton towel and use that instead of water to wipe down upholstery, furniture and more.

Key Features Point to include: –

  • The Secura Steam Mop is compact and lightweight, only 15 pounds. This means you can take it anywhere there might be a need for cleaning without worrying about the device’s weight being too much or cumbersome.
  • The detachable and re-attachable cloth pad also makes it easier to clean upholstery and furniture without the need to put away your Secura Steam Mop. Simply remove it and attach a towel instead of using water for cleaning, damaging some types of materials.
  • The automatic shut-off after 45 seconds ensures there is no risk for injury from accidental activation while moving around. This safety lock prevents unintentional exposure to hot steam.
  • The Secura Steam Mop has a built-in safety lock, ensuring there is no risk for injury from accidental activation while moving around. This safety lock prevents unintentional exposure to hot steam.
  • There’s an adjustable water level control that can be set depending on how much you want for your cleaning session: more water equals higher temperatures; lesser amounts will result in lower temperatures.
  • The Secura Steam Mop makes use of a detachable and re-attachable cloth pad which makes it easier to clean hard floors without leaving streaks or sticky residue like other pads do.

Accessory Kits List:

  • One Scraping Tool,
  • One Window Cleaning Tool,
  • Adaptor one,
  • 1 x Angle Nozzle,
  • 1 x Round Brush,
  • One Large Round Brush,
  • One Ironing Brush,
  • 1 x Flat Brush,
  • 1 x Small Cloth,

Why it’s called a 10-in-1 Convenient Detachable Steam Cleaner?

1.Convenient Detachable Steam Cleaner: The handheld steamer can be used to remove dirt and grime from upholstery, mattresses, the inside of your car glovebox, or door panels – anywhere that needs a good cleaning!

2. Carpet Booster: The carpet boost attachment is excellent if you have a pet or child who likes to track mud and grime around your house.

3. Mattress Cleaner: If you’re tired of feeling gross every night before bed, this attachment will have your mattress cleaner than new in minutes!

4. Window and Mirror Cleaner: This is perfect for cleaning your mirrors and windows without streaks.

5. Shower Head Cleaner: The shower head attachment cleans the gunk out of those hard-to-reach places in just minutes! It’s also great for soaping up your birdbath, as it includes a scrubbing brush that will get all the dirt off while you’re at it!

6. Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaner: This attachment is a great all-in-one solution. It has brushes to scrub the surfaces, as well as a squeegee for your windows. The bathroom cleaner also includes an extra meeting that’s extraordinary for cleaning those hard-to-reach places. Such as shower doors or around toilets.

7. Grout Cleaner and Polisher: The grout cleaner removes the stubborn stains that have been around forever, while the polishing brush will leave a lustrous shine.

a. Patio Pavers Cleaner: This attachment is great for your patio pavers as it removes all the dirt, algae, and mold that can cause staining.

b. Floor Mop: The floor mop will quickly grab up any spill you have on your floors with its microfiber pad!

8. Window Cleaner: This head helps clean windows without leaving streaks or fingerprints left behind!

9. Steam Cleaner: The steam cleaner attachment is perfect for tough stains or stubborn dirt. It will leave your surfaces looking new in no time!

10. Garment Steamer: This attachment allows you to quickly clean up any clothing that has been stained with a spill, and it’s great for getting out wrinkles too.

User Experience:

The mop can be used as a steam vacuum cleaner to suck up all those nasty spills and grime that your ordinary mop just won’t reach. It heats the water in 60 seconds and then continues cleaning for 15 minutes before reheating again.

This is for when you’re feeling ambitious. It’s basically like having two separate steam mops in one! It heats the water in only 45 seconds and then continues cleaning for 25 minutes before reheating again.


  • Inexpensive and easy to use.
  • Just fill it up with water and plug it in! It heats up quickly,
  • Provides a gentle cleaning experience for all floor surfaces (including sealed hardwood floors) and can be used on any type of fabric surface without causing damage.
  • Detachable steam cleaner, which means it can be used as a handheld steamer – perfect for tackling tough, sticky messes like wallpaper and grout!
  • Included an extended pole that provides the ability to effectively clean ceiling fans and curtains with ease.
  • Lightweight water tank, the Secura Steam Mop is easy to move around – perfect for tackling stains in a hurry!
  • Having accessory storage compartment.
  • Adjustable steam settings.
  • Super lightweight design.
  • Detachments for easy storage.
  • Heats up in 30 seconds, so that you don’t have to wait long before you can start cleaning.
  • Removes dirt, grime, pet hair from your floors/furniture without the need for chemicals.

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Common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A. Any Additional Attachment Need with Secura Steam Mop?

No, Secura Steam Mop doesn’t need additional attachments or accessories. It’s a versatile steam cleaner that is designed to easily detach from the floor base for handheld cleaning of high places like kitchen cabinets or upholstery with no additional tools are required.

B. What is the Operational Capacity of Secura Steam Mop?

Secura’s steamer can be set to one of three steam levels, depending on your needs. Secura’s swivel head ensures thorough coverage, and the cord is a manageable length for easy maneuverability around objects in rooms with limited space.

C. What is the Operational Range of Secura Steam Mop?

 Secura’s detachable mop attachment allows you to scrub away heavy dirt from grout lines or hard-to-reach tiles. Secura Steam Mop steamer has a power cord of 25 feet as result you can reach your back-splash, stovetop, and even under the refrigerator.

D. Is it Safe to Use?

Secura steam mop is designed for quick cleaning with no harsh chemicals – just pure water vapor! This cleans without leaving any chemical residue on surfaces like wood cabinets or granite countertops. It is a powerful cleaning tool that cleans and sanitizes surfaces without harsh chemicals or detergents.

It is 100% safe and sustainable.

E. Is very part Could Detachable?

 You can detach all parts of the Secura Steam Mop (including sections) for easy storage or use. It makes it the most powerful steam mops on the market. So that, you don’t have to carry around a huge and cumbersome device when you’re only cleaning up after yourself.

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