O-cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop – Self-tested Analyses

Do you find steam mops troublesome or too costly for you? If you are looking for a manual mop with extraordinary features, then today is the lucky day for you. The O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop simply outstands any of the ordinary mops with all its features and advantages.

No, we are not saying this out of the blue. Pretty soon we are going to explain the features briefly and you will also agree with us. If you rely on manual mops, this is the best that you can get. This one stands out for the quality, comfort, spinning method, and reachability.

No more further talk to bother you. Let’s get into the brief and let you know our self-tested results with this amazing mop. Keep on reading!

O-Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop

O-cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop Detailed Review

Key Specializations

  • The remarkable microfiber built makes everything easy to clean.
  • Deals with any kind of dirt, even if you don’t wet it. You can use it for dusting floors and other surfaces.
  • 360-degree rotation helps you reach 3every corner of the house.
  • No extra preparation is needed, just wet it and it’s ready to use!
  • Easy portability to clean any surface, even walls!
  • One mop can help you for up to 3 months without any need for refilling.
  • Easy to refill the microfiber mop if it gets too dirty to clean.
  • Very easy to spin the mop so you won’t have to waste any extra energy.
  • The built mechanism adds up to longevity.
  • No water splash risks with the extremely protected water bucket.
  • Included pedal to mop any surface without using your hands.
  • Safe for any kind of surface and significantly cleanses the surface.
  • Awesome adjustability to 51” with mop head attached.

Hereby, undoubtedly the key features speak for its awesomeness. But you don’t have to rely on the short words only. We are going to bestow our self-tested outcomes and best specifications with you now!

The Microfiber Quality Is Impressive!

Straight to the point, when you look for a mop, the main attention should be the microfiber or the mopping material. If the mopping material is not up to the point, then it won’t clean the surface properly. This mop comes with the best deep-cleaning microfiber mop-head which cleans everything perfectly.

Not only as a wet mop to cleanse the floors and surfaces, but you can also brush off the dirt keeping the mop dry. So this two-in-one feature can help you to lessen your efforts a lot. On top of that, as the mop is suitable for any surface, you can easily clean hardwood and tiles as you wish.

Deals With Every Kind Of Dirt

When we say every kind of dirt, we mean it. We tested with many things like hair, dust, footprint, literally everything! If you have kids at home who mess up the floors anytime, this will be the perfect companion for you. Also if you are struggling with your pets ruining your floors with nasty substances, it will be a quick escape to fall to.

The 360-degree Rotation Dismisses The Pain Of Cleaning

Manual mops showing stiffness is an irritating factor. To save you from that irritation, this one comes with a 360-degree rotation feature. So the struggle is lessened. You won’t have to mop one place from another roaming around the whole house. Instead, the mop will roam around for you. Sounds funny, but it really reduces the effort of cleaning.

Moreover, again about the stiffness, oftentimes, when you use a stiff mop, it takes a lot of energy to move through the surfaces. It can lead to muscle pain. If you are afraid of that, we must say that you can be totally worry-free because you can simply hold the mop loosely and clean the whole room.

Runs Fine With One Microfiber For 3 Months

It’s a big struggle to change the mop if it becomes dirty over time. Who wants to spend extra money after every few days just because the mop got dirty? It can get expensive as well. To reduce this pain, here this mop has the facility to just refill the microfiber.

The good news is, the microfiber doesn’t get dirty after a few days. You will get 3 whole months before it gets less effective to use. So you are saved from the hassle of changing the mop every time it gets dirty!

No Water Spills Here And There!

A big problem that people face with manual bucket mops is water spilling. A simple clash and the water can flood your floor making you annoyed by all the extra work that you will have to do afterwards. But this mop comes with a well-secured water bucket which is amazing to hold up the water inside without the risk of spilling anything.

The Foot Pedal Adds Up To The Comfort

Lastly, we must mention the comfort that the foot pedal adds up in the usage of this mop. When you use the foot pedal and your hands altogether, it becomes a lot easier to get rid of even the most stubborn dirt or stains. If you don’t want to use your hands, you can only use the foot pedals for a quick clean-up as well.


  • Amazing cleaning
  • Durable for a long time
  • The microfiber is of awesome quality
  • Compatible with any kind of floors
  • Offers comfort in usage
  • No sweater spilling assured


  • The handle is quite short

Why Have We Chosen This One?

The main influence behind choosing this one was the microfiber quality. In one wo0rd, we wouldn’t hesitate to call it awesome. As the main part of a mop is the cleaning material, the microfiber quality drew our attention directly. Afterwards when we noticed how well it cleaned, we had no doubts in mind that it supports the cleaning in the best way possible.

Again, the compatibility with any kind of surface also added up to our confidence. It cleans everything. You will get the feeling of using an automated mop once you use it. Besides, it cleans everything so profoundly. Without any extra hassle, you can reach every edge and corner with this one because of the 360 degrees rotating head.

As we also find replacing the mop after every few days troublesome, the refilling system of microfiber caught our attention too. After using this for a couple of days, we understood how easy it was to clean any surface. We were worried about the muscle pain at first, but the lightweight and easy-to-spin quality broke that fear too. 

However, for some people, the handle might feel a little small to hold on to. But it didn’t seem to be a big problem for us because the cleaning support was indeed extraordinary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does o-Cedar Spin Mop last?

It lasts for 3 months. But you can easily replace the microfiber and it will be good to go again. It is one of the best features of these mops.

Can you clean floors with O-Cedar spin mop?

Yes, you can clean any kind of surface using these mops. Even hardwood floors are easy to clean using these spin mops. Without any further hassle, you can effortlessly spin and clean.

What cleaning solution do you use with O-Cedar mop?

You can use any cleaning solution like soapy water or detergent. For better cleaning, you can use specified cleaning substances. You can also use white vinegar to kill the germs and bacterias combined with warm water.

Wrapping Up

By now, you should be certain about buying O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop without any second thought. From a neutral perspective, we must say that if you want to go for any manual cleaning mop with a bucket, this should be the one. This one deserves to stand out because of all the amazing features that it provides.

However, re-read our analysis and match your requirements. But if you want to go for something incredible at a pocket-friendly price, then this one should be the one to pick. Our personal experience was incredible with this mop. In one word, it can make your cleaning effortless!

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