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Hardwood floors are difficult to clean with ordinary mops. Bona microfiber mop is specially made to deal with your hardwood floors without making any damage and stains. But often, people fail to understand how to use bona microfiber mop. Therefore we brought every bit of explanation for you here.

The assembling and usage of the bona microfiber mop can seem to be different than many of the mops. But with the correct instruction, you can do it too! And for your convenience, we have made the whole process very easy to follow. Let’s get started!

How To Use Bona Microfiber Mop?

As the bona microfiber mop is quite different to assemble than other mops, we would like to focus on the assembling procedure at first. Let’s know how to assemble bona microfiber mop:

Assembling– although it’s different from other regular mops, you will find assembling this mop super simple, easygoing, and the quickest deal ever. Here is your step by step process to assemble the mop:

  • Step-1: Get all the parts out and start with inserting the mop grip end into the end of the telescoping mop pole until you hear a sound-like click!
  • Step-2: The next thing you have to do is setting the mop base down with the Bona logo facing forward.
  • Step-3: Now, hold the mop at the bottom of the pole with the silver o-ring facing forward and guide the connector piece into the base until you hear the click all over again and you are all done with the first step as in assembling the mop.

Usage- now here comes the using process, let’s know how you can use the bona mop after going through the assembling process:

1.   Adjusting The Height

Adjusting the height of the mop is quite important for your comfort while cleaning surfaces with this mop. We can easily adjust the height of the bona mop according to our needs as it includes a telescoping handle!

Start with rotating the mop pole counterclockwise to loosen, set the pole to the desired height and again rotate the pole to lock the position and you’re done with adjusting.

2.   Cleaning With The Mop

This mop comes with a microfiber cleaning pad which makes the cleaning even easier and effective. The microfiber pad in a bona mop is reusable and washable as well. Attaching the pad is no big deal, simply lay that on the ground with the Bona logo printing facing up. Lastly, place the mop base squarely on top of it. To remove, peel off slowly from one of the corners!

Now you can use any of the cleaners for cleaning any kind of surface. Besides, you can use the bona cleaner as well. The best thing about a bona microfiber mop is it’s an extra-large base plate for cleaning quicker.

Along with using a cleanser, you can go for a mixture of water, soap, and detergent. But remember you have to damp the microfiber mop very slightly to get the best result.

See! That’s how easy it is. Just follow the given two steps and you can perfectly use the bona mop to clean the hardwood floors.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you wet Bona microfiber floor mop?

There is no need to make the microfiber mop wet in order to clean the surface properly. You can just spray some bona cleanser to the floor and mop with the mop. If you want then you can slightly damp into detergent or soapy water as well.

How do I clean the microfiber pad of a bona microfiber mop?

Cleaning the pad is easier because the pad is washable and reusable. Just put that under warm water and that will be all clean. You can also wash that in the machine because the pad is machine washable as well. But do not go for dryer sheets, bleach, or any kind of fabric softener. That will totally ruin the pad.

Is microfiber bad for wood floors?

No, not at all. But all you have to do is use a hardwood floor cleaner, spray that slightly on the floor, and mop with the mop. Using the hardwood floor cleanser will make the microfiber mop suitable for your hardwood floor. The bona microfiber mop is specifically built for cleaning the hardware wooden floors so if you buy this one, you won’t face any problem.

Does bona clean floors?

It is certified that Bona cleans floors effectively. By removing all the dirt, dust, grime the microfiber mop keeps your floors neat, clean, and naturally shiny. So we can say Bona cleans better than any other regular mop.

Are Bona microfiber pads reusable?

Obviously. You can use the pad several times after washing it once. For cleaning the pad you will need nothing else but warm water. The pad also features a unique design that offers dual-zone cleaning action.

Wrapping Up

Finding the right kind of mop which will keep all kinds of surfaces super clean is not an easy catch nowadays. In this case, the bona microfiber mop not only provides you with clean surfaces but also makes your cleaning job much easier.

If you were wondering how to use bona microfiber mop, hopefully, this discovery has served your needs adequately. As you already know, the using procedure is very easy to follow and almost like the regular mops. The main priority here should be given to the assembling because that affects the effective cleaning a lot.

Also, remember to adjust the height according to your comfortable holding and cleaning capacity. If you follow as we have instructed, you will get the best outcome with your bona microfiber mop. Good luck!


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