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Bleaching powder is a commonly used chemical substance. People use bleach mixed water to clean their home and floor. It is a high oxidant substance, and it can remove germ and bacteria from the surface. People use a bleach solution to sanitize their households.

We like to keep our houses clean and disinfected. So, we mop the floor of our house almost every day. But mopping a floor with ordinary water can clean only dust from its surface. To sanitize it thoroughly, we need to use a bleach solution and mop the floor. But there is only one problem. If you use highly-concentrated bleach water to kill all the germs, it damages the house’s foundation. You should learn how to mop floor with bleach if you do not want to damage your floors.

What is Bleach?

Calcium Hypochlorite is commonly known as bleaching powder. It is also called Chloride of lime. In solid-state, it is a yellowish-white colored powder. Bleaching powder smells like chlorine. It gets dissolved into the water quickly, but it doesn’t make a clear solution. People use bleaching powder to disinfect their clothes mostly. For the same reason, it is trendy in the laundry business.

On the other hand, bleach is a 5% solution of bleaching powder and 1% NaOH. This mixture stabilizes the bleaching powder. Bleach is very corrosive. It creates irritation to the skin. It can also burn human tissues.

How to Prepare Ideal Floor Cleaning Bleach Solution?

Bleach is highly corrosive. Be careful when you mix bleach with water to make a solution. Proceed with caution and prepare a floor cleaning bleach solution safely.

Step 1: Open Windows to Let Air Flow

Before you start, you need to ensure sufficient airflow and for that open doors and windows. Bleach creates toxic vapor. Make the airflow and remove this vapor.

Step 2: Sweep the Floor

Sweep the floor first. Clean all dust and debris, so these do not spread all around.

Step 3: Create a Bleach Solution

Put 1 cup bleaching powder in a bucket. Then add some warm water into it. The ideal ratio of bleaching powder and water should be 1:5.

How to MOP Floor With Bleach Solution?

As your floor cleaning solution should be ready by now, let’s start cleaning the floor. Follow the steps-

Step 1: Remove Your Movable furniture

At first, remove the movable furniture from the room. Get a broom to sweep the floor. Clean all dust and debris. If you do not clean dust before you mop the floor, it can spread all around the room.

Step 2: Make Enough Bleach Water Solution

It would be best if you made enough bleach solutions to clean your entire floor. Create enough solutions and get them in a bucket.

Step 3: Soak the Mop

Put the mop into the bucket filled with bleach solution. Soak it up thoroughly.

Step 4: Sweep the Floor with the Mop

Wring out the water as much as possible. The mop should be wet but not soaked with water. Now sweep the floor with it. Clean the corners carefully. When you clean the middle of the floor, use long and stretched strokes.

Step 5: Keep the Floor Wet

The bleach solution needs some time to kill germs. So keep the floor wet for 15-20 minutes. After that, either use a dry mop or let air dry the floor.

Things You Should Know About Bleach

You may think a bleach-water solution can clean the floor in your home. But it can’t clean dirt. It can only disinfect the floor. To clean the floor, you should sweep the floor with a broom before moping it. It is better to use two buckets when you mop the floor with a bleach solution. You can rinse using one bucket and use another one as a cleaner. Replace dirty water in these buckets. This contaminated water is full of dirt and bacteria. Flush it down the toilet. 

Do not keep the floor wet too long. Let the bleach kill the germs for a few minutes. Then dry your floor either with a dry mop or turn on the fan if you have one in the room. Suppose neither is available, open the door and the windows so that the floor can air dry.

You should dry the mop dry also. Many people leave their wet mop in the bucket after cleaning the floor. It is totally wrong. Squeeze out most of the contaminated water from the mop and hang it in a dry place. It will air dry itself, and there will be no chance of bacteria formation.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is bleaching powder Solution acidic?

No. A bleaching powder solution’s nature is basic.

Is bleach Harmful?

Bleaching powder itself isn’t much harmful. But it becomes hazardous if you mix it with corrosive chemicals.

Is bleach bad for skin?

Bleaching powder can irritate the skin upon contact. Also, it can create an allergic reaction. So, don’t work with bleach with bare hands. Wear hand gloves in this regard.


A bleach solution is very effective against bacteria. It sanitizes the floor by killing germs and bacteria. Bleaching powder is very cheap when you compare it with other chemicals that serve the same purpose. But if you do not know the correct methods of how to mop the floor with bleach, you may damage your floor. Misusing bleach solution can damage hardwood floor badly. You do not need to use bleach on your floor every day. We recommend mopping the floor with bleach once a week. Remember not to touch bleaching powder with your hand. Use gloves.

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