How to Store Mops and Brooms Perfectly | 10 Best Store Idea

Cleaning tools such as mops and brooms stay in the bathroom or kitchen with their awkwardness. Nobody wants to showcase them to others people. Therefore, needs the best solution is to hide them by storing them on any shelf or cabinet. You can always keep them in storage. That will make your house tidy by following our tips; how to store mops and brooms.

How to store mops and brooms

Mops, brooms, are the most challenging items to store at a place in your house. They’re awkwardly sized and shaped. These fall over at the slightest breeze and bump. And mostly anybody doesn’t want display cleaning supplies in the home.

Still, there are many robust solutions to fit in any kitchen. You must have a dedicated place to settle all your cleaning staff or might have just a rack. Here are ten mop and broom storage ideas for kitchens of all sizes. By following these, get enough idea to store mops and brooms perfectly.

10 Best Store Mops and brooms storage ideas

1. Wall Mounted Organizer: 

You can easily use the wall of your house to organize your cleaning stuff. It will not take extra space and skills to manage. You have to set up a store mops and brooms organizer on the wall or kitchen cabinet. It must be aware of storing these walls mounted organizers in the backyard of its house where nobody looks at them, especially your guest. You can install the wall-mounted organizer in the kitchen and in the garage to organize other tools along with your cleaning stuff.

2. Wall Cabinet: 

A wall cabinet is the best space-saving idea to store mops and brooms. You can install it in between the edge of the wall. Inside the wall cabinet, you can easily make a holder to store mops and brooms. It’s not a need for extra space. If you are handy, you can customize your cabinet to create a place for the cleaning supplies.

3. Full Closet: 

If you own an old closet, it could be dedicated to cleaning supplies. It will maximize your space by adding shelves, racks, along hooks to hang mops and brooms. You may utilize the back door of the closet to organize other Stuff. You can add additional hooks and shelves to organize your staff on the back closet door.

4. Freestanding Cabinet:          

A freestanding cabinet could provide a better bright look for your kitchen as well as for organizing your cleaning stuff. You can use an additional nook in your kitchen by installing it in a freestanding cabinet as in the picture. But it would help if you thought about the cabinet that needs to have enough space for brooms and others cleaning Stuffvertically.

5. Behind the refrigerator:

Mop and broom stand behind the refrigerator; it’s a trusted place to store and hide your cleaning tools. Mops and broom lurk on a hook on the under-sink door. Nobody gonna observes them and it’s a great idea to utilize the most annoying place in your house.

6. Dedicate part of the Pantry: 

If you own a pantry in your apartment, then you don’t separate space. Just select one section from the Pantry. Then customize and store cleaning Stuff on the shelves. And make sure, keep serious cleaning supplies such as bleach power on the top rack of the closet. It would be away from your children, and they can’t touch them.

7. Sliding Storage: 

Suppose you live in a small house or apartment and don’t have space for a cabinet. Try sliding broom and mops holder. You can install it between the fridge or the small wall. That means your cleaning staff will be stayed hidden.

8. Built-in Cabinet: 

If you already own a cabinet, then customize a stand or shallow broom closet. You can mount a standing organizer. It will help to keep an organized space and get fit all the cleaning tools. A built-in cabinet in your apartment is an excellent place to store all your cleaning tools safely. You may add some hook or Velcro to fit them on it.

9. Pegboard Wall: 

Pegboard wall is one of the most innovative solutions to store mops and booms. If you did not have a dedicated laundry room backward garage, pegboard is the most satisfactory solution. It will organize your cleaning supplies, such as a broom on a pegboard. It may not be present in the drawing-room, but you can keep it on the cleaning supplies on the wall seems to be the most imaginative innovation to solve the problems and store the mops and brooms.

10. Install Zip tie or Velcro: 

 Install a zip tie or Velcro is the most brilliant option to store your cleaning kinds of stuff and the others tools. It is the cheapest sound storage idea for broom and mops. It is the most excellent idea among the above statements, which will help you get the job done. Just install Velcro on the wall and hang your cleaning tools. Zip tie will be the simplest solution to store this Stuff. If you use Velcro then, you have to add a Velcro hook on the wall and another part Velcro loop on the tools.

Perfect Storing of mops and brooms

Most people store their brooms and mops at the corner of the kitchen without acknowledging the damage. It could cause to their mops and brooms. You could increase the lifespan 2-3 times longer you expected with proper storage after use.

Most useful cleaning stuff such as brooms and mops is known as the broom closet. Unfortunately, it is a highly overlooked element of every household. Many households don’t want to pay attention to how to store mops and brooms, as well as other cleaning items, are placed them organized.

How frequently you use mops and brooms to clean your place doesn’t matter. There should be no excuse not to have a well-stored as well as organized. Cause nobody wants to wake up in the morning to see the disorganized cleaning stuff. And then go for the clean house by using them.

Common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Store Mops and Brooms?

1. What is the best way to keep Cleaning Stufforganized?

If you own a garage or laundry room or, consider your kitchen organizing and storing your cleaning gear on the pegboard. 

2. What is the best Cleaning Gears Holder?

Mount Mops and Brooms Holder will be the best brooms holder to hang and store them.

3.How can You care for cleaning Gear?

You can wash them properly to maintain prolonged life, reducing costly replacement. If you’ve washed them properly after every use and store to dry them thoroughly, they would be acceptable for subsequent use. After using very cleaning tools, always wash them properly with detergent. Then keep them for drying. If not, it will cause a foul odor and reduce the lifespan of the stuff. When they dry entirely, only then may you store mops and brooms correctly on the cabinet or other places.

4. What’s the best way to store a broom or mop?

Store mops and brooms in a dry, cool place. Try hanging them, so the mops head avoids brushing on the floor. Make enough spaced to keep them separate.

5.How Do I Keep My Cleaning Supplies Out of Sight?

You can make them out of sight by storing them in the backdoor of the cabinet or place them in the backyard of the refrigerator. You may put them into a storeroom or garage to keep them out of sight.


If you own a beautiful house or apartment, cleaning stuff is the most important thing you need to maintain the beauty of the home or apartment. But most of the time, they will create a mess in your place if you do not store them appropriately. Nobody wants to show their cleaning tools to other people. You can begin storing these cleaning supplies to make your apartment or house mess-free and organized. Properly stored cleaning stuff will save you lots of time, space and keep your home clean. Hope that you would get the best solution to store your mops and brooms from here.

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