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Mr. Brown says, “While dirty floors are my nemesis, mopping it with water gifts me a bad odor. Exhausted to clean, let alone a fresh smell.”  Sounds familiar, right?

Well, let’s have a look at how to make mop water smell good? And a scent like a fragrance of a garden. Don’t be scared. I’ll not suggest a cleaner that cuts your pocket.

Making a mop solution on your own not only saves your pocket but also reduces exposure to heavy chemicals. Figuratively, it’s easier too to make them smell as you wish. So, Get ready! Soon, we are going to build a recipe to clean your lovely floor.

Homemade Amazing Smell Mop Solution With Essential Oils:

Let’s collect the ingredients first. Don’t worry! You will find them in a pantry even, in your bathroom cabinet.

Simple Ingredients:

1. Hot water ( 1 gallon )

2. White vinegar ( 1/4 cup )

3. Disinfecting essential oils ( few drops only )

See, three elements only! And, water is always free. I cant help you mop your floor without water. Won’t I say true? It is simple. I am sure you started repenting about the dollars you lost buying a cleaner solution. Let’s not procrastinate to see how vinegar and essential oils will clean and gift an aroma to your house.

Vinegar is a Good Cleaner:

Vinegar works effectively in this solution as it is highly acidic. Acetic acid- the main component of vinegar is a result of the double fermentation process. If wine isn’t left sealed,  it will definitely turn sour, highly acidic, eventually creating vinegar. Having pH 2.4 vinegar is in the highest position of the pH scale.

Now, the high acidity of vinegar makes it a powerful cleaner. From soap scum to brines left by hard water to glue left by stickers- vinegar is master to dissolve. Moreover, I prefer to mix some drops of vinegar with water to come up with an extra clean shine by removing wax from floors.

However, keep in mind that the acidity of the vinegar will harm instead of doing good for hardwood floors.

If you’re still with me and sure you are, let’s have an aroma right now! So,

What to Put in Mop Water To Make House Smell Good?

That’s what I love about essential oils. Not only I’ve added them for bonus disinfecting powers, but also they make your house smell like perfume.

Some sweet options include lavender, lemon, orange, tea tree, and peppermint. Among them, I love lavender. Here’s why?

Lavender, best essential oil for mopping solution:

Do you crave your home smell like a field of lavenders? Boost your mopping solution naturally. Then, a few drops of lavender oil are ready to go for how to make mop water smell good.

Why lavender best?

Okay, its

– Fragrant

– Refreshing

– Readily accessible

– Affordable

– Best deodorizer

– Antiviral

– Antibacterial

– Antiseptic

– Effective to repel insects

Great, right? Add 12 drops of lavender to 1-gallon hot water in a pail with 1/4 cup vinegar. The smell of vinegar will disappear as long as you use lavender, and the result is – a fantastic smell! You can skip the vinegar, too, and that still works. Thank me for such a great easy cleaning solution.

In a nutshell, lavender is highly recommended for benchtop, kitchen even bathroom for disinfection purposes.

Lemon essential oil; floor cleaner:

Are you familiar with the light, clean scent of lemon? Sure, you’re. So, why not mix it with mop water to grab the good smell in your room.

Lemon essential oil is a powerhouse of household cleaning recipes. Still, confused, why use lemon?

Well, it is

– Naturally antiviral

– By default, antibacterial

– Can refresh the air

The addition of lemon in a hot water bucket will assist you in cleaning the floor, deodorizing it, degrease stubborn stains, and many more.

Wild orange, natural floor cleaner:

Orange is a citrus floor clean.  Citrus can fulfill the purpose of making floors sparkling clean.

Orange essential oil is

– Antifungal

– Antibacterial

– Germ fighter

– Can lift grease or glue

Still, you ask, why orange? Sure, for a natural citrus fresh smell. Like lemon, it’s handy against grease. Adding 1-2 drops of orange essential oil is a great way to lift grease or glue from floors.

Orange essential oil is packed with freshness and sweetness. Love it!

Peppermint oil; deodorant:

Peppermint is used for the countless job. Wondering is its

– Cool, invigorating fragrance

– Antibacterial

– Deodorant

Thus, a great addition to my cleaning list. Add this to mop water, and you may get rid of the troubles of ants and spiders. Besides cleaning purposes, it can remove insects as well.

Tea tree oil; germ fighter:

What’s your mind about the tea tree? Do you know it can fight against viruses, bacteria, and other germs like a pro?

Tea tree oil is derived from the leaves of the tee tree. From health purpose to skincare- it’s for hundred uses. Still, you can add it with few drops of lemon in mop water. Enjoy the fresh smell and get rid of disgusting chemical odors.

Tea tree oil can do the following while mopping with it

– Disinfect the surface so make it pet or child friendly

– Powerful deodorizer

– Antifungal

– Fight and lift mold and mildew easily

Mop Solution Recipe :

Now, you get the essence. So let’s clean your floor and spread the aroma to a lovely house. Here’s how-

1. Bring a bucket

2. Fill it up with one-gallon hot water

3. Add vinegar or rubbing alcohol

4. Add few drops of essential oils which scent you prefer

It’s ready to use. Take the mop your choice. Next, go ahead! Mop like as you do. O! Yeah! Don’t forget to sweep first.

Let us know how great it works when you’re done.

Final Words

Now, you can’t help yourself but give these essential oils to mop water a try! Sure, the result is a uniquely fresh smell. And, it’s all about natural products. Neither harmful chemicals nor expensive. This is a super easy solution for your dirty floor.

I hope this article meets the quench for how to make mop water smell good? Still, have a question? Read FAQs below or ask in the comment box.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does my floor smell after mopping?

Perhaps your floor smell like rotten egg even after mopping. The biggest culprit behind this would be smelly water. Use fresh, hot water and replace it times cleaning your house. However, your mop or cleaning device should be clean too.

How to make your house smell good naturally?

Use citrus fruit essential oil while preparing cleaning solutions. Lemongrass, orange, grapefruit are some of the best suits.

How often should I clean my floors?

It depends on the traffic in a definite area. You can mop your kitchen, dining room, bathroom once a week. But adhere to sweeping to lift any dirt that may scratch the finish.

How to make a mop smell fresh?

We often forget to clean our mop. The result is- inconceivable odor. Huh! Let’s bring a new one. Nope! Wash the head after each use. Let it dry to get rid of unpleasant smells. Store your mop upside-down in a dry area. Still odor! You can replace it.

Can I mop my floor with just water?

Not recommended. You won’t love to ruin your precious floor with pools of water sitting. Right? Water is not a disinfectant, itself. And, without rubbing alcohol (evaporate quickly), water sitting may occur that looks ugly. You can’t expect fragrance too!

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