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A hardwood floor is undoubtedly an expensive investment. It gives your house a classy, stunning, and polished look, but you need to pay some extra attention to maintain its beauty and luster and increase its durability. It is the best option to clean the hardwood floors. According to the expert, this mop is safe for hardwood floors and helps you clean them quickly.

As a hardwood floor is expensive and needs proper care, a wrong tool can destroy its beauty and even can permanently damage it. Well, if you are worried about properly cleaning your hardwood floor, then stay with us. This post will guide you on how to mop a hardwood floor with a microfiber mop correctly.

Tools and supplies needed

Cleaning process

You need to gather all cleaning supplies before starting the cleaning work. It will let you work non-stop. Using very few cleaning supplies, including a microfiber mop, you can make your hardwood floor looking new and keep it looking that shiny.

Step one: Remove furniture and belongings

Before starting your cleaning work, you need to remove furniture and other removable things from the area to be cleaned. It is better to use handy furniture coasters, blankets, and felt pads to slide heavy items out of the way.

If you live in a small space and have lots of furniture and do not have enough space to move things, you can gather all things to one side of the room and clean the empty side. Now repeat the on the other side.

Step two: Sweep or dust the area

Before mopping the floor, you should sweep or dust your floor to remove dust and large particle so that you can mop the floor easily. Many people think that sweeping and dusting is unnecessary work as they are going to mop the floor, but it is important to remove more dust from the floor and give it a shiny look.

The good idea is to inspect the vacuum’s attachments, wheels, and head before each time you use it. Just make sure you complete all checking work before plugging in the vacuum to avoid injury.

Well, a lightweight vacuum or a microfiber dust mop is a good option for removing loose dust and debris from the floor. You should give more attention to the joint of wood while sweeping the floor.

Step three: Make homemade hardwood floor cleaner

Your floor is almost free from loose dirt and debris. But it may still have some spill spots or old stains, which are hindering the expression of the beauty of the floor. To get rid of these unwanted marks, you must go for some effective cleaning products or sprays. Let us see how you can make homemade hardwood floor cleaners.

  1. Make an effective solution by mixing an equal amount of warm water and vinegar into a bottle and spray on the floor, especially on the stained areas.
  2. Do you want to leave a very nice and mild fragrance on the floor, then add a few drops of essential oils with the previous vinegar and warm water solution.
  3. Suppose your hardwood floor is not recommended for use water or you are not concerned about using water on the hardwood floor. In that case, you should make a super effective homemade cleaner using vinegar and vegetable oil.

You can use any of these homemade floor cleaners or any commercial floor cleaner according to your needs and choice. Before using any commercial floor cleaner, never forget to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to save both your floor and your hand. Use some floor cleaner before moping is very effective for giving your wood floor a shiny, spotless look.

Commercial cleaners often contain some harsh chemicals, so you should apply them to any hidden area of the floor to prevent any tremendous damages.

Step four: Use a microfiber mop

Once you are positive that your selected cleaner is safe for the floor, then start assembling your mop. A microfiber mop is the best tool for moping a hardwood floor. The yarn texture is able to pick much amount of dust from the floor. It is soft enough, so there is a chance to make scratches on the floor. It leaves less amount of water, so there is minimum risk of saturating the wood and damage the polish of the floor surface.

Dip the mop head into simple, clean water or any mild cleaning solution and mop the floor. Push the mop from the front to back and continue mopping. You should start your mopping from any open corner and gradually go towards the door. You should change the water to a cleaning solution from time to time when it turns black.

Though the microfiber mop does not release any heat, fume, or gas, warm water can evaporate, so you should keep open windows while mopping the floor.

After cleaning the floor with a cleaning solution, you can again mop the floor using only clean water to remove cleaner residue altogether. After mopping the floor completely, clean the mophead using clean water, dry it properly, and store it in a safe place.

Step five: Dry the floor

Excess water can enter through the joint of the wood destroy the surface over time. You need to ensure that the floor cannot hold excess water and dry quickly. You can keep open doors and windows to ensure proper air circulation or also can use a fan to dry the surface in less time.

During cleaning the floor, you need to pay more attention to clean the high traffic areas like hallways. Spray your favorite floor cleaner, wait a few minutes and scrub away the spot, soil, or liquid spills easily. Then mop the area using some cleaning solution. Once again, mop using clean water to remove all residue and give your entire hardwood flooring a shiny polished look.

What not to do

  1. First and foremost, never go for any shortcut cleaning method following the ‘cleaning hacks’ or internet misinformation.
  2. Never use any harsh chemicals as it can damage the polish of the wood floor. You should also avoid all cleaners that contain ammonia or bleach.
  3. Do not scrub the floor surface using a hard bristle brush or scrubber. It can make scratches on the floor.
  4. Remember that a hardwood floor is not waterproof and also not water-resistant. So, do not use much water to mop the floor.
  5. Never use a steam mop on the hardwood floor. The extremely hot steam can damage the shine of the floor surface.

Wrapping up

A hardwood floor is expensive and a long-term investment. So you should never compromise with its maintenance and cleaning factors. A microfiber mop is indeed the best choice, but you need to use it in the right way and with the right floor cleaner. However, we hope this post will guide you to the right way to clean your wood floors with proper care and without any damage. Remember that, with the right amount of your care, a hardwood floor can last for years without losing its beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best thing to use for cleaning the wood floor?

The homemade floor is the best choice for cleaning a hardwood floor. Make a mild cleaning solution using one part of vinegar and ten parts of warm water. Now add a little liquid castile soap. There is also some commercial cleaner is available in the market they are also good. Whatever cleaner you use, it doesn’t matter; the cleaning process is the same. Saturate a microfiber mop in your cleaning solution and mop the floor.

Can I mop the hardwood floor?

Yes, a microfiber mop is safe for the hardwood floor.

Is it safe to use vinegar for cleaning the hardwood floor?

Cleaning with vinegar along with water is a cheap and effective method. But you should apply the cleaning solution on any hidden corner to check its result to avoid huge damages to the flooring.

Why my hardwood floor still looks dirty after mopping?

There are two possible reasons to look you are still dirty after mopping. One is, you may think that wet equals clean, and do not rinse or forget to rinse the floor with clean water. The second reason is, use a dirty mop and continue mopping with dirty water.

What is the best natural way to clean hardwood floors?

Use a broom or a microfiber dust mop to dusting or sweeping the floor well. Then make a mild cleaning solution using vinegar, warm water, and a little dish liquid soap. Gently mix them and use a microfiber mop to mop the floor properly. Now dry the floor with a clean cloth or air dry after mop.

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