How to Clean a Sponge Mop Head | 3 Effective Methods

Cleaning is an essential part of our daily life. A mop is a crucial piece of equipment to clean the household. The head of a mop can be made of different materials, but a sponge mop head is different. You can reuse the same head to clean your home. But using the same item for a long time reduces its lifetime and makes it dirty.

If you use the same mop head without cleaning it, bacteria and other dirt will grow into it. That’s why you should clean the head regularly. And if the head is made of a sponge, then cleaning it after every use is necessary. Many people don’t know how to clean a sponge mop head. But the process is not so tricky.

Here we are discussing three different ways to clean a sponge mop. We hope these ways will come to help you enough to clean a sponge mop head easily.

3 Effective Methods of Cleaning Sponge Mop Head 

The below discussed methods are much effective and straightforward to follow. Make sure, you followed them meticulously.

Method 1: Using Dishwashing Detergent

You need some components to start the process. Those are: 

  • Dishwashing detergent
  • A bucket or a tub
  • Rubber made gloves
  • Sponge
  • Tarp 

Here are the steps of cleaning a sponge mop head.


Pour hot water into a bucket or a tub and fill it. Now add one tabsp. dish detergent. The dilution quantity should be equal to the amount of floor cleaning or as per the guideline.


When the soapy water is ready, take the sponge mop then plunge the mop-head into that soapy water first. After that input the mop into the water so that its head touches the bucket or tub’s floor. Now press the head several times against the floor. It will release the soils and other dust from the sponge. 


Now, put the rubber gloves on to dampen the sponge into that soapy water. Remove all the metal and other plastic parts from it. These parts hold the head of the sponge on the mop. You can also scrub the handle if needs. 


At this step, you have to wring out the head from the mop. You can use the wringer mechanism if your mop comes with it. Now push the mop again into the water. It will loosen the dirt and grimes more.


Now put the mop head under running and cool water. It will run out of the dirt. Continue the process utile clean water comes through it. The process will also rinse off the soapy residue from your mop.


Take a tarp and place it on your driveway. You can place the tarp anywhere of your yard. Make sure the place has enough sunlight. Once the tarp is placed, lay your mop onto that.

It will dry the mop and also prevent any musty smells from it.

Method 2: Use Washing Machine

In this way, you can wash your sponge mop without soaking it. The process is straightforward. Let’s see how it works.


Detach the head from the handle.


Put hot water in your washing machine setting.


Add some bleach. It will disinfect the mop head.


Once the washing is done, put the mop head to air dry.

After you finish following steps up to # 4, you can attach the sponge head to the mop again.

Method-3: Rinsing the Head into Dishwasher

You can also clean your sponge mop head in a dishwasher. It is also a more straightforward process. 


Remove the sponge head from the mop.


Place the head on the upper rack of the dishwasher


Pour 237ml (1 cup) white vinegar into the detergent chamber.


Start the dishwasher and let it run in the normal cycle. 


Squeeze the remaining water out while the cycle is complete.


Let the sponge head air dry before using again.

All these ways are very much easy and practical to clean a sponge mop head. You can choose anyone from the ways mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning a sponge mop head is not so tricky, but people frequently ask some questions about it. Here we are replying to some of the frequently asked questions about it.

How do I remove mop hair from my sponge mop head?

Mix hot water and vinegar (1 cup for both) in a bucket. Let it get mixed for about half an hour. Now rinse the sponge mop head into the mixture. It will help you to remove mop hairs from the sponge mop head.

How do I stop my sponge mop from smelling?

Pour one cup of white vinegar into one-gallon hot water. Now put the mop head into the solution, let it soak for some time, remove it from the mixture, and put it under the sun to dry. It will stop the sponge mop from smelling.

How often should I replace my sponge mop head?

Mopping helps to clean your home. And it won’t be better if you use the same mop for a long time. The best time for changing a sponge mop head is two months. That means you should change the sponge mop head after every two months.

Final Words

Mop is an essential cleaning item. When you need to clean your house, a mop makes the matter easier. Sponge mop heads are a bit different. Though mops help us make the place good-looking and clean, while cleaning the house, the mop head gets dirty. That’s why; it’s essential to clean the mop head regularly. And cleaning a sponge mop head is a bit different from other mop heads.

But for lacking proper knowledge, most people don’t know how to clean a sponge mop head properly. Here we discussed some ways to clean a sponge mop head. You can easily clean the mop head following these steps and keep it disinfected and fresh.

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