Dust Mop vs. a Broom | Which One is the Best For You

A broom and dust mop is a very popular floor cleaning tool. These tools are widely used all over the world to sweep away dust, debris, and even pet hair from the floors. Brooms are used in the sweeping floor for many years. Now there are various brands of models of broom available in the market.

Dust mops are another popular floor cleaning tool that is widely used also. There are various types of dust mop available in the market, such as microfiber mop head, synthetic mop head, washable mops, not-launder able dust mop, etc. However, both are good in cleaning the floor but still, there is often asked a question: which one is the best-dust mop or broom? There are different views on this question. This post will help you find out the right answer to this question and justify your answer.

Dust Mop vs. a Broom | Dust mop

Dust mop heads are usually covered in microfiber or cotton pads. These pads are really good for collecting debris and dust. Most of the model of these mops comes with a removable and washable pad. Dust mops are simply great for cleaning hardwood floors as they need a gentle but thorough cleaning. You can also use these mops with various cleaning solutions.

Microfiber dust mops

  • Able to attract more dust than other mop and brooms
  • These microfiber pads are mostly removable and washable also
  • Able to remove fine dust and even bacteria also
  • A great choice for laminate floors and hardwood floors

Cotton dust mops

  • You can use other cleaning solutions with it.
  • A great choice for hardwood floors
  • Many cotton dust mops come with a replaceable pad.

Dust Mop vs. a Broom | Brooms

Brooms are the basic tool for sweeping the floor. They have bunched-up bristles, which usually synthetic. Brooms are good for collecting large debris and fine dust. There are mostly two categories of brooms available; one is a push broom that is wider and able to cover more area, and another is a straw broom that is good for removing bigger debris.

The brooms also come with different types of handles like plastic, wood, or even metal and offer different lengths also.

Push brooms

  • A wider head can cover more areas
  • Suitable for office, garages, or any other large commercial areas
  • Many of them offer a reversible head so that the bristle does not wear in only one direction.

Straw brooms

  • They are made from natural, thicker bristles.
  • Effective in removing large debris
  • Perfect for cleaning outdoor areas such as sidewalks, porches.

There are two more types of broom which are also good for cleaning the floor. These are:

Wet/dry brooms

  • You can use this broom for scrubbing the floor after removing large debris.
  • It is a suitable tool for cleaning the basement and workshop.
  • You can use it both indoor and outdoor.

Vinyl brooms

  • A good tool for indoor cleanings like hallways and kitchen
  • It comes with flexible and synthetic bristles
  • You can angle it easily for cleaning tough corners

As there are some differences between the dust mop and broom regarding their cleaning service, many choose a broom while many go for the dust mop. But it becomes more confusing when some are advised to select both of them. Well, at this point need to discuss a little more about these mostly similar but a little different cleaning tool.

Which one is the best- dust mop or broom?

Though the dust mop and broom are very common in considering their cleaning service, the role is different. These are-

Important factorsDust mopBroom
Cleaning floorDust mops are popular for their versatile use. You can use them on various floors.Brooms are the best for sweeping hard floors.
Dust picking capacityA dust mop, particularly a microfiber head, is excellent at picking up debris, pollen, dust, and even bacteria from any hard surface.A broom can also remove dust, debris, and other large and small particles from the floor but not efficiently as a dust mop.
AccessoriesDust mops often come with extra accessories like extra pads or tools for additional dusting application.Some brooms come only with the dustpan.
DesignDust mop has a long handle and a flat head, which is covered in a cotton or microfiber cloth/pad.Brooms also have a long handle like the dust mop and a wide head with lots of bristles.
Use of dustpanIt can remove dust and other removable things without using a dustpan or any other cleaning product.Brooms do require a dustpan; otherwise, you cannot remove or sweep debris out the door or into the yard.
Work locationYou can use a dust mop indoors only. You cannot use this mop on any rough surface.You can use brooms both indoor and outdoor. Broom, particularly those with synthetic, sturdy bristles, is suitable for cleaning rough surfaces like concrete, cement, stone, and bricks.

Wrapping up

Are you still confused about that dust mop or broom- Which one is better for you? Well, both tools are good in cleaning ability, but a little difference between them can help you make the right choice. Consider your floor type and pick the right tool. You should also decide where you will need to use the tool; if you want to use it indoors-only, then go for the dust mop, or if you need to clean outdoor also, then the broom is the right choice. So, check your needs at first, then pick the right tool according to your needs. All the best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the basic difference between the mop and the broom?

The basic difference between the mop and the broom is that it is designed to wash the floor. They are made of cloth or coarse yarn or a collection of thrums. On the other hand, the broom is usually made from plastic bristle a suitable for outdoor cleaning also.

How often should I change my broom?

How often you should change your broom is depend on how often you sweep the floor and traffic of the area where we are cleaning. Overall you need to change the broom head every one or two months.

How many types of the broom are available there?

There are six types of broom available in the market.

Do mops actually clean the floors?

Mops are really good tools for cleaning all floors. A high traffic area of the house can lead to dirt and germs in your entire house. Even after sweeping or vacuuming regularly, mopping is the best way to keep your floors clean.

Do I need a broom if I already have a vacuum?

As a hardwood flooring need extra care and maintenance, you should use a vacuum instead of a broom to keep the surface clean. A vacuum can easily pull up dust out from the crevices found on these flooring. While if you want to clean a large area like a commercial space or an office area, you should use a wider head with sturdy bristles to clean properly.

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