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When it comes to the steam mop, many users ask us, do steam mop really sanitize- and we usually answer them, ‘yes.’ A steam mop effectively kills germs and plenty of viruses and can easily sanitize your floor.

From the very beginning, heat is the most popular way to kill microbial pathogens and viruses, and at present, heat is also widely used for killing bacteria, viruses, germs, and fleas effectively. We know that a steam mop releases extremely hot steam and clean stains, spots, grime, and 99% of germs on the floor, and it is true. Even you do not need to use any extra floor cleaner along with the steam mop. Only steam is enough for removing all unwanted things from your house.

Is steam mop really work against germs

A steam cleaner produces extremely hot steam, which can really work against germs. The ancient people discover the importance of heat and use fire to cook their food. Although they had no idea about the germs in food and their harmful effects, they realized that it was safe to eat food boiled in heat. Even still now, we follow the same principle whenever we cook food in our kitchen.

In fact, the disease control experts recommend steam as the verified method for sterilizing critical surgical and medical instruments that are not damaged by heat. So, it is undoubtedly proven that the extremely hot steam that is released by the steam mop can really work against germs and make your floor sanitize.

How does a steam mop work

All steam mops work by heating water until it boils and creates steam. This moist steam is very much effective at cleaning surfaces as it can easily get into the pores and cracks that may not be accessible to regular mops or cleaning cloths. The hot moist steam loosens the grease and dirt, which can then be wiped away more quickly. This moist heat not only cleans dirt and grease and destroys microorganisms by transferring heat through the cell wall and breaking down the protein structure. This makes the steam cleaners extremely effective in sanitizing and disinfecting the surface from viruses.

The amazing thing about this cleaning tool is that it does not require any cleaning solution or even harsh chemicals to clean your floors. This tool is especially beneficial for households with small children or babies who like to put things in their mouths. It is also good for those whose allergies are affected by harsh chemicals.

The way a steam mop sanitizes and disinfect the floor

We already said that heat is a great way to kill viruses and bacteria. A steam mop disinfects and kills 99.9% of germs by producing steam above 212˚ F (100˚ C). Usually, household bacteria and viruses start to die in mass at a temperature between 175˚ F to 212 ˚F (80-100˚ C).

These household germs increased with the exploration of time. So, to kill these germs, it needs to keep them in contact with steam for as long as possible. Usually, three minutes of regular passes across the floor is long enough to kill all germs, viruses, mold, dust mites without using any chemical sanitizer.

How to use steam mops to sanitize floors

If you want to use a steam mop for only killing germs and sanitize the floor, then you should use it in a specific way. The popular manufacturer give few using tips, these are-

  • If you are going to use a steam mop to blast hot steam directly on the surface, you have to hold the mop as close to the surface as possible. The hot steam becomes cool quickly in the air, so if you use it from too far from the targeted surface, the stem may bo be hot enough to be effective.
  • You should hold the mop for a sustainable time to kill the germs. As there is no specific time limit and no simple rule on how long you should keep holding the steam on the surface to kill all household germs. The reason is, individual steam mops produce heat and disperse it at different rates. So, experts recommend that you should take a little more time than your regular mopping. In that case, the better you follow the manual not to exceed the maximum time recommended by the manufacturer due to prevent damage to the flooring.
  • A thick pad sometimes can absorb heat and cannot reach the appropriate heat to the surface to sanitize it. So, if you want to use a steam mop to sanitize the floor, then pick such a mop that has a comparatively thin cleaning pad. A soft, moist pad effectively can wipe away any bacteria and remove them from the floor surface.
  • Though the mop pad’s temperature is enough to disinfect and kill germs of the mop head that it has collected while moping, you should wash the mop pad thoroughly in a washing machine at home. Before putting the mop pad into the machine, do not forget to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Finally, never forget to sanitize your hands after cleaning the mop pad.

How to sanitize handles, doorknobs, and other high touch areas of your home

At first, you need to check your steam cleaner correctly. You need such a tool that can create steam above 212˚ F (100˚ C). If the cleaner sprays only warm water, not gas like steam, and if the temperature is below 212˚ F, it can spread the virus instead of killing them. And the worse is, the air inside your home becomes dangerous as they contain germs.

Thus we advise you to use a high-capacity steam mop/cleaner that can emit superheated steam vapour rather than a small handheld steam cleaner as they often cannot meet these requirements. We recommend using a canister-style steam cleaner as they capable of meeting your requirements.

Usually, this type of mop comes with a larger tank, unlike the handheld steam cleaner, and is designed to emit superheated steam for a longer duration.

Spray the steam on the targeted areas for a little longer. Then use a dry microfiber cloth and wipe down the treated area to disinfect thoroughly.

Are steam mops effective against COVID-19

It is an important question as the world is going through a pandemic, and we all are trying to survive. In this situation, often users asked us, are steam mops effective against COVID-19.

Actually, how long the Corona Virus survives only depends on the materials and temperature. According to the CSIRO of Australia’s research, the Corona Virus can last for an extended period on most surfaces. The survival time is directly related to the temperature. For example, it can last on cotton cloth for less than 16 hours at 40˚C, while it can also last for less than 14 days at 20˚C.

However, you should note that the manufacturer claims the steam mops only cover household germs. They have not been tested explicitly for their effectiveness at killing Corona Virus. But plenty of research has proven that a very high temperature has the same effect on the virus as they do on household bacteria. Experts advise you to clean your home with warm, soapy water and then use any effective household disinfectant during this pandemic. You should also pay your particular attention to the frequently touched areas like bathrooms and doorknobs. So, you can use a steam mop to clean your floor and other surfaces and high touched areas using a steam mop.

The benefits of using a steam mop to sanitize

There is some amazing reason why you should use a steam mop to sanitize instead of chemicals. There are some of the benefits-

  1. You can use a steam cleaner for cleaning almost anything. This includes your carpets, floors, toilets, bathrooms, and even any high touched area.
  2. Some chemicals are people use for disinfecting the floor that may be harmful to those who suffer from allergies. Steam cleaners are a good choice for people with asthma as they can effectively remove dust mites and other allergens from the floor.
  3. Steam mops can clean bedbugs and fleas and sanitize also.
  4. Cleaning with steam is 100% natural and environmentally friendly.
  5. Cleaning with steam is also safe for both pets and kids.
  6. A steam mop is a budget-friendly tool as you do not have to use any other commercial cleaner with it.

Wrapping up

We hope this post has already answered your question. Steam mops gain their popularity for two amazing feature- one is it can kill household germs and bacteria up to 99%. Another is that it is completely natural, no need to use any harsh chemical. Most of the top-rated steam mops produce steam at the temperature of up to 245˚ F or 118.33˚ C. That means the steam mops really sanitize the surface and make your home safe from various dangerous germs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do steam mops really disinfect the surface?

Yes, steam mops can produce extremely hot steam to effectively kill 99% of virus and bacteria and sanitize the floor.

How long does a steam mop take to kill bacteria?

According to the expert, the steam temperature between 175 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit takes only three minutes to kill bacteria.

Is steaming floors better than mopping?

Yes, steaming is better than mopping. Mopping can only remove dust, soil and stain from the floor. On the other hand, steaming can also kill household germs, sanitize the floor, and clean the dust, grease, and mold.

Can I add vinegar to my steam mop?

Generally, a steam mop does not need any added cleaning solution as only steam is enough to clean the floor. But you can add a small amount of vinegar to the steam mop to disinfect and kill germs on the floor quickly.

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