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A steam mop is a very useful tool for cleaning our home. It saves our cleaning time, and it can reach every corner of our home to clean it. But, do steam mops damage tile floors?

The answer to the question is yes! Steam mops do damage a tile floor, and the reasons can be various. Although a steam mop does a great job at cleaning, it slowly damages the tile floor. A tile floor is sturdy; that’s why it is good to use a steam mop to clean it. Following some steps and precautions, You can avoid damaging your tile floor even if you use a steam mop. Now, we will discuss why steam mops damage tile floors and how to prevent them.

How Can a Steam Mop Harm Tile Floor?

Despite being a great cleaning tool, a steam mop can damage your tile floor due to various reasons. Let us have a quicker eye over these reasons.

  • Chemical cleaners:  Chemical cleaners and a steam mop isn’t a good combination. It can damage your tile floor badly. Manufacturers of the steam mop often suggest few chemical cleaners. Never use any other chemicals except those. But the reality is you shouldn’t use any chemical cleaners unless your floor is sturdy. You should use a steam mop with only water.
  • Steam Cleaning More Often: A steam cleaner uses a lot of heat to clean your floor. When your tile floor gets exposed to that much heat, it is bound to get damaged. So, to avoid severe such damage risks, it is wise to clean the tile floor just once a week using the steam mop but not daily.
  • Leaving standing water: If anyone spills some water on a tile floor, they should clean it up immediately. It can loosen the corner and weaken the adhesive. You may follow different available methods to clean the water after using a steam mop to clean your floor.

How You Can Clean Your Tile Floor with a Steam Mop

Cleaning using a steam mop is easy, but you to follow some steps to clean appropriately.  As you already know, a steam mop can damage a tile floor, and this is the main reason you should perform this task carefully.

Step 1: Prepare the floor

You should clean dust from the floor before you begin. A vacuum cleaner or a broom can help you to do that. First, use the vacuum or broom to clean all dust and debris. If you do not clean dust before using the steam mop, these will get stuck to the mop.

Step 2: Prepare Extra Mop Pads

Get extra mop pads before you start cleaning with a steam mop. The mop pad will get dirty as you clean the floor. Replace the dirty mop pad with a fresh one whenever it’s necessary. Doing so has two benefits. First, dirt will not spread all over the floor. Then, the mop pads will stay hygienic.

The good news is these mop pads are very affordable and surely not going to cost you much. Again, they are very easy to wash. You can use a single mop pad multiple times.

Step 3: Use the Mop on Enclosed Floor

Keep in mind that you can’t use a steam mop on a loose floor. When you use the mop on such a floor and put pressure, the floor will get damaged.

Step 4: Clean the Mop Pads

Mop pads get very dirty after you use them. These mop pads can easily be washed with regular laundry and do not require any special attention. After washing these, hang these on a rope to dry. Store in a clean and dry environment for using next time.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning has countless merits in various situations. Steam cleaning is a time-saving and hygienic way to keep your house clean and sanitized. Let’s discuss the benefits of it briefly.

  • Steam can clean most of the germs and bacteria from your home, and that is without the help of any extra chemicals. You only need to heat your mop and use water to get this amazing cleaning result.
  • As you will not need any extra bleach or cleaning chemicals to use a steam mop, people in our house will not suffer from an allergic reaction. So, steam cleaning is a god sent for those people to keep them safe from allergic reactions.
  • Steam cleaning is very cheap in the long run. You may think a steam mop is costly, so cleaning with it might not be a good idea. But after you buy the steam mop, it will only need electricity and water to clean your house. You will not need to buy any extra chemicals and save money.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Steaming or Mopping, Which one is the Better Option?

Steam mopping is better. It can clean dust and germs together. Also, steam cleaning is a lot faster than normal moping. Yet, this method is more sanitary.

Is It Appropriate to Mop Before Steam Mopping?

You should sweep the floor or use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust before performing a steam mopping.

Is It True That Steam Mops Are Harmful To Tile Floors?

Steam mopping uses a lot of heat while cleaning. Sometimes, people use an extra chemical like bleach with a steam mop also. Both are harmful to a tile floor. Avoid using steam mopping chemicals, and don’t keep the steam mop in the same place on the tile for more than a few seconds.

Does Steam Mopping Sanitize a Floor?

Steam mopping is a natural and eco-friendly cleaning process. A steam mop uses a lot of heat generated from hot water to clean. That much heat can kill 99% of bacteria effortlessly. So, Steam mopping does sanitize a floor.


The demand for steam mops is sky-high at present. As a result, many manufacturers have produced replicas of steam mop. We recommend you buy a steam mop from well-known manufacturers.  Now, it is clear that a steam mop is a great cleaning tool. But everything has its demerits. Before you ask do steam mops damage tile floors again, you should understand whether it damages your floor entirely depending on how you use it.

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