PowerFresh® Pet Lift-Off® Steam Mop Instructions

This strong mop accomplishes everything without the use of chemicals, making it safe for pets and children. The lift-off model comes with a two-in-one mop that can clean messes on the floor and anywhere else. There’s the traditional warm-up steam mop, plus a bonus portable steam cleaner.

The mops, a microfiber soft pad, a microfiber scrub pad, and an attachable water cup are all included in this model, for a total of 13 tools. This mop features a 16-ounce water tank and a 25-foot cable that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

Key Features

  • Every BISSELL purchase aids in the rescue of animals. BISSELL is a proud supporter of the BISSELL Pet Foundation’s goal to save homeless dogs.
  • Cleaning Houses With Pets Has Never Been Safer Or Easier. There’s no need to clean your floors with harsh chemicals.
  • Features of the Lift-Off Pet Model A 2-in-1 steam mop that may be used to clean pet messes on and above your floors.
  • 13 Versatile Tools Included With the Lift-Off Pet Model for Use with the Handheld Steam Cleaner; Heater Warm-Up Time: 30 Seconds
  • With the natural power of steam, you can kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. 1500 Watts rated power
  • Microfiber Soft Pad, Microfiber Scrubby Pad, Odor Eliminating Fragrance Discs, Attachable Water Cup, 13 Tools with Tool Bag, And Microfiber Towel are included. The length of the power cord is 25 feet.


Using the natural force of steam, the BISSELL Power Fresh Lift-Off Pet offers pet owners a safer and easier method to clean up after their dogs. This 2-in-1 steam mop contains 13 flexible attachments, including a removable Lift-Off pod for above-floor cleaning and a removable Lift-Off pod for cleaning up after your pets. Steam cleaning is chemical-free, so pet owners don’t have to worry about putting hazardous chemicals down on their floors.

When using the microfibre pads as suggested. Purchasing this item helps to preserve animals. BISSELL is a proud supporter of the BISSELL Pet Foundation’s goal to save homeless dogs. When you purchase a BISSELL product, you are also helping to save pets. We’re honored to provide items that help eliminate pet messes, smells, and pet homelessness.

Product Information’s

Name of Style: Power fresh

BasicInformationWarranty & Support
Item Dimensions:13.2 x 11.14 x 44.7 inches 
Item Weight:10.6 lbsFor warranty information
Manufacturer.BISSELL Homecare International is the 
Domestic ShippingShipping inside the United States 
Battery required?No 
Shipping to other countriesAt this time, items may only be delivered inside the United States and to APO/FPO locations. Please check with the manufacturer for warranty and support concerns for APO/FPO shipments. 
Item Model1544A 
Assembly RequiredYes 

No Harsh Chemicals!

The use of strong chemicals in your mop might cause the floor to get damaged. It now relies on the type of flooring in your home. The use of chemicals in the steam mop, especially if you have wooden flooring, maybe a nightmare.

If you’re concerned about this, then this mop will be a godsend. Because it does not include any harsh chemicals, you may use it on any type of surface without worry. Also, because tap water includes iron, we recommend that you use distilled water instead of tap water. It will guarantee that your mop lasts longer and cleans better.

Easiest To Clean Wooden Surface And Tiles

We understand your difficulty with the cleaning mops as owners of a home with hardwood floors. A small mismatch may destroy the floor. The good news is that this steam mop is astounding at cleaning hardwood floors.

When you use this steam mop, any dirt, smudges, or streaks will be cleaned quickly. This mop is capable of cleaning not only wood flooring but also tiles and other surfaces. A suggestion we will provide you is to use polish when mopping your floors to form them seem shinier while also cleaning them.

Refilling Will Never Require An Excuse Anymore

Carrying the entire mop to replenish the water tank is quite inconvenient with manual mops. However, we all need a simple cleaning option, and if the steam mop gives you an equivalent feeling, it won’t be easy for you.

That’s why this mop includes a detachable water tank, so you don’t have to take the entire mop with you every time you need to clean it. When you have a lot of work to do, it saves a lot of energy and is a lot simpler to accomplish.

Comes With A Washable Microfiber Cleaning Pad

The cleaning pad is in charge of cleaning your home’s surfaces. What is the aim if you cannot clean it properly? The floor will continue to be filthy! But no longer! This mop comes with a washable microfiber cleaning pad that can be removed and cleaned independently at any time. The re-assembly is also quite straightforward.


  • Special cleaning
  • Extremely long service life
  • No chemicals necessary
  • Excellent with wood flooring
  • Even the toughest filth is removed.
  • Ensures user convenience

Why Have We Chosen This One?

The primary task of a mop is to correctly clean the surface. We were astonished to see how all our surfaces were cleaned. This mop fulfilled all expectations in a way above what we expected. For example, without chemicals, it magically cleaned the wood floors and tiles.

Rapid preparation is another great aspect. In 30 seconds we never dreamt of discovering a mop ready to clean. Can you trust that? Especially when we have busy schedules, it feels like a dream come true. Even housewives can save a lot of time.

We utilized chewing gums, rubber bears, and candy to assess its cleaning capability. It cleaned everything in seconds, to our complete amazement! However, we had to adjust the strength of power from low to high. Depending on your cleaning needs, you may pick whatever power mode you desire.

Finally, the length of the cable. It was wonderful how much time we had to walk from socket to socket. To plug it. The whole area is easy to clean because a 25-foot power cord is included.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the difference between the 15441 & 1544A steam mop?

Answer: Good question! The only difference is where they’re sold.

2. Is the handle adjustable?

Answer: No

3. Can I wash the pad with the scent disc still inside? It’s getting frustrating taking it out each time, but keeping it in would decrease the scent.

Answer: I cleaned myself inadvertently and the perfume was gone. All else in my laundry room smelled like the fragrance but the disk. Ha!

I wouldn’t wash the pad in person still within the fragrance disk.

4. Would it be weird if I say I’m in love with my steam mop!?!?

Answer: After tons of research, including buying a special mop and returning it without even opening it since it wasn’t the one I actually wanted and switching between Hoover Floormate and Bissell, I finally decided on Hoover Floormate. I’m so pleased.

I discovered this. I found it after scouring Amazon and Googling, and it had removed stains and gook that we hadn’t been able to remove since we moved here, and was most likely there before we did. We have some extremely difficult tile and grout that easily draws dirt and stains, and this has completely cleaned it. We have five cats, yes five, and it has cleaned up hair and litter, as well as that nasty litter that adheres to floors beyond the litter box like the plague. I am aware of this.

Wrapping Up

You should have already made up your mind after reading our in-depth evaluation of the BISSELL PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop. We can safely state that if you take advantage of this, you will be in a true win-win scenario, and your cleaning problems will be reduced. Nonetheless, we urge you to carefully read the explanation and consider your options before purchasing. We really appreciated how quickly it cleared everything away. However, mopping or sweeping the ground before steam mopping may be a good idea since solid dirt might harm or impair the steam mop’s cleaning efficiency.

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