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When the talk is about cleaning, a great addition that adds up to the cleaning process is the steam mop. Hereby, steam mops use heat from steam to clean the floors, carpets, and even wooden surfaces without the usage of any soap or detergent.

Not only regular specks of dirt, steam mops effectively clean stuck on stubborn dirt as well. So without giving the least effort, you can get the best cleaning from your steam mop. The question is how to pick the right one for you as there are many options available.

However, as you already know we don’t suggest something unless it’s really beneficial for you. After many tests and usage, we are happy to claim that we have found one of the best steaming mops which is BISSELL Power Fresh Steam Mop.

Of course, we will share our views and drawbacks with you to make everything clear. But there are strong reasons for us to claim it as one of the best and keep on reading, you will understand why!

Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop Review

Key Specializations

  • No use of harsh chemicals keeps your floors and surfaces protected.
  • Deals with any kind of dirt, even sticky ones like chewing gum!
  • The smart set digital steam control allows you to set the mode insensitivity.
  • Takes only 30 seconds to prepare the steam for you.
  • The 23-foot power cord is swift to move the steam mop anywhere.
  • A corded power source with 1500 watts power rating makes it easier to use.
  • The built mechanism makes it easier to reach every corner, grout, and crevices.
  • Allows you to insert Spring Breeze fragrance discs in the mop to have a scented cleansing.
  • The Removable water tank reduces the extra hassle to refill it while necessary.
  • The Easy Scrubber feature significantly cleans the surface.

The key features should already impress you. It literally got everything in one place. However, we need to elaborate on the specifications to make your decision more on point. So let’s share our self-tested best results with you which will help you to make a better decision!

No Harsh Chemicals!

The usage of harsh chemicals in your mop can damage the floor. Now it depends on what kind of floor your house has. Especially, if you have wooden floors, the usage of chemicals in the steam mop can be like a nightmare to you.

If you are worried about this fact then this mop will be more like a blessing to you. Honestly, it contains no harsh chemicals therefore you can be tension-free to use it for any kind of surface. Also, we might suggest you use distilled water instead of tap water because of the iron that tap water contains. It will ensure longevity and a better cleaning by your mop.

Easiest To Clean Wooden Surface And Tiles 

Being the owner of a house with hardwood floors, we understand your struggle with the cleaning mops. A simple mismatch can ruin the floor massively. The good news is, this steam mop handles your hardwood floor amazingly.

Any kind of dirt, smudges, and streaking will immediately be removed once you use this steam mop. Not only wood floors but also tiles and other surfaces are very well handled by this mop. A tip that we can give you to follow is to use some polish while using the mop to make your floors look shinier alongside the cleanup.

The Quickest Preparation Ever

Who wants to wait for longer than 10 minutes for the steam to be prepared to clean? Cleaning the floor is already too much to take when you have a busy schedule. On top of that, if it takes an eternity only to prepare the steam, we know how bad you might feel.

But hold on there, your days of struggling are over once you get this. It only takes up to 30 seconds to warm up and make the steams. Honestly, we have never encountered any mop to be prepared this fast. During our tests when we saw the speedy preparation, it just blew our minds. No joke, it is perfect for people who have busy schedules!

The Ultimate Power Of Adjustments

There is no use in buying a steam mop if you have to use it as the manual ones. Depending on your cleaning needs, it must have the feature of adjustability. And for your convenience, this one comes with the smart set digital steam control that allows you to set the mode insensitivity.

The control lets you decide which mode you need depending on your cleaning needs. For quick cleaning, you can switch to low steam cleaning. Again from intense to moderate cleaning, you can switch to high or medium steaming. The ultimate power is over your hand buddy!

Refilling Will Never Require An Excuse Anymore

With manual mops, carrying the whole mop to refill the water tank is really troublesome. However, we all desire an effortless cleaning solution and if the steam mop also gives you the same vibe, it won’t be that easy going for you.

That’s why this mop comes with a removable water tank so every time you need to clean the water tank, you don’t need to go through the hassle of taking the whole mop with you. It saves a lot of energy and is a lot easier to do when you have a lot of work to do.

Comes With A Washable Microfiber Cleaning Pad

The cleaning pad is what does the main job of cleaning your house surface. If you cannot clean that properly, then what’s the point? The floor will remain dirty! But not anymore! This mop has a washable microfiber cleaning pad which you can remove and clean separately whenever you want to. The re-assembling is also super easy to proceed with.


  • Extraordinary cleaning
  • Great durability
  • No chemicals used
  • Great with wood floors
  • Cleans even the most stubborn dirt
  • Offers comfort in usage


  • May feel a little overweight for some people

Why Have We Chosen This One?

The first and foremost job of a mop is to clean the surface properly. We were amazed to see the way it cleaned up all our surfaces. This mop met all the expectations in some ways beyond our expectations. For instance, it cleaned up the wood floors and tiles in a magical way without any chemicals.

Another impressive feature is the quick preparation. We never thought of finding a mop that can get ready to clean within 30 seconds. Can you believe it? It feels like a dream come true especially when we are workers with busy schedules. It really saves up a lot of time even for housewives.

For checking out its cleaning power, we used chewing gums, gummy bears, and sweets. To our utter surprise, it cleaned everything within seconds! Though for that we needed to change the power intensity from low to high. So you can decide which power mode you want to use depending on your cleaning necessities.

Lastly, the cord length. It was amazing how long it was because we didn’t have to roam around from one socket to another to plug it. You can easily clean up the whole room because it comes with a 23-foot power cord.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is steam mopping better?

In some cases, yes. Because steam mopping helps you in several ways like saving the allocated time in cleaning, flexibility, and pre-preparations. Also, the heat in the steams kills bacterias effectively which you won’t get from manual mops unless you use warm water. The cleaning power is also many times better than a manual mop.

Do steam mops sanitize?

Yes, it does. A steam mop can effectively kill bacterias and germs because of the heat. Study shows that a steam mop helps to kill 99.9% of household germs, which you will never get from an ordinary manual mop unless you use hot water and disinfectant.

Do steam mops damage floors?

If your steam mop contains harsh chemicals, then it might damage the floor. Especially, if you have hardwood or wood floors. However, tiles and other surfaces are less likely to be damaged by steam mops. It’s highly recommended to choose a mop that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

How often should you steam mop?

The cleaning needs depend on your individual requirements. If your house doesn’t get dirty, you can try cleaning once a week. But places, where people tend to come by more, need to be cleaned frequently.

Wrapping Up

With our detailed review of BISSELL Power Fresh Steam Mop, you should have already set up your mind. We can confidently tell you that you will be in a total win-win situation if you grab this and your struggles of cleaning will be lessened.

However, still, we want you to read the elaboration properly and think before you buy. We personally liked the way it cleaned out everything within no time. However, a general suggestion would be to mop or sweep the floor before you start steam mopping because solid dirt can damage or ruin the cleaning effectiveness of the steam mop.

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