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The robot is not only on the parts of comics or TV shows anymore. Home robots have existed since the 1990s to make our life easier. In 2001,Electrolux robotic vacuum was invented to clean houses. Today’s is not a part of science fiction anymore; Robot mops are part of modern life. But there is a big question about robot mops.Are robot mops worth it?

Are Robot Mops Worth in Life?

Yes, robots were invented by scientists to assist humans in making life easier. It helps to saves time and money, especially for those who own large apartments. But few people enjoy the task of mopping. We want to do these household chores as infrequently as possible. We have a little low choice but to do regularly except robot mops. For those people who hate moping, there is a modern solution to assist them. A robot mops could help to lead an elegant solution.

What is a robot mop?

A robot mop is a vacuuming device to help to mop automatically. It is the ideal solution for cleaning the home by using today’s automated technology. Most of the robomops could be operated from our smartphones. It’s pretty modern technology not to get down on your hands and knees for mopping. Robot mops will make free from buckets of water, a dirty mop as well, as back-breaking efforts. Let’s Move into the next part, how robot mops work?

How do robot mops work?

Robot mops work similar way to robot vacuum cleaners. It has an automated pre-programmed cleaning pattern. Its navigation abilities depend on the map layout of your home, or you have to operate it from your smart device.

Otherwise, it will hit your wall or obstacle. Robomops have their moving capacity. It can walk away from one place to another and will clean up your floor surface.

You have to fill the robot mops’ tank with water. Then water will be dispensed by the robot that navigates across your floors. It’s attached to a cleaning pad that will scrub the dirt off your floor.

Some hybrid robomops have a separate wiping attachment and a water reservoir. Before it begins cleaning, it needs to fill at a certain level.

You have to remind that most robot mops work using only water and compatible wipe attachment. Therefore, you may not include any detergent or cleaning agent in the water. If you add it will destroy your robomops capability. 

What are the best robot mops?

The declaration without any testing them in practice will be useless. After testifying different Robomops from several models, we made a decision. The best robot mops 2021 is Roomba Braava jet m6. It comes for 449 USD. At such an affordable price, provide your best journey with your Robomops.

The best part of Roomba Braava jet m6 is its modern mapping system. It does not only help you mops where you want it; but also make it crystal clear where you don’t mention. It will keep you from sweeping and mopping. Braava jet m6 is the best cleaner of all the robot mops; we have reviewed the best robot mops below 500 USD.

Best robot mops in 2021:

  1. iRobot Braava jet m6
  2. iRobot Braava jet 240
  3. Ecovacs Deebot T8 Robot
  4. Yeedi k700 2-in-1 Robotic Mop
  5. iLife Shinebot W400
  6. Roborock S7
  7. Roborock S5 Max
  8. Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid
  9. iLife V8s
  10. Samsung Jetboat Mop

Factors Must Be Consider Before Buying Robot Mops

When we read this interesting blog, commonly, you are more interested to know how to get this robot mop. And it has come to know about what to look for when buying a robot mop?

Robot Mops Guide

Select the Perfect one:

At first, you have to select the perfect one for you. There are three kinds of robot mops. They are classified according to their functionality. They are as:

  1. Wet mops,
  2. Dry-sweep and mop combos,
  3. Mop and vacuum combos.

Among the robomops, you need to select the best one for your home. Wet mops use water onto the surface to loosen dirt. Then wipe out the filthy liquid. Others combine vacuuming with mopping use reusable microfiber pads to the wet-clean hard surface. There are some noticeable factors to consider before buying a robot mop.

1. Battery life:

Today Li-ion batteries use in most robots. It’s helpful to reduce the total weight. You have to check battery technology and the battery storage capacity. SO that it can last at least 60-90 minutes; if you have a larger apartment, then look for robomops which can automatically recharge and resume. After charging, return to where it stops and finish the job.

2. Floor and carpet sensors:

Sensors are one of the best important parts of a robot, as well as robot mops. For example, if your apartment has a mix of wood floor and carpet, select a specific robot mop that can determine the difference by its sensor. Today most robot mops have modern mapping technology. It allows you to clean up both areas.

3. App integration:

Apps integration is the most powerful thing to turn your home into a smart home. Mobile app integration in robot mops is really helpful to easy access, operate, and maintenance the scheduled cleaning. You can easily set up an operational area to clean up via robot mop’s mobile apps.

4. Safety for floor surfaces:

The most important thing to concentrate on when buying a robot mop is defining appropriate mops that suit your floor surface. If your apartment has tiles floor, then most of the mop’s support for it. If the home surface is made of wood floors, make sure the robomops you buy are dedicated to clean that surface without harming the floor. And if your home floor is made up of any sensitive surface area, you have selected specialized mops that are not harmful to the surface.

5. Easy setup and maintenance:

Setup and maintenance are always a big deal for every modern device. You can follow our Best Robot Mops List. It will be easier to trust in our testing process. You don’t have issues like charging, filling the water tank, replacing cleaning pads, and operate on a regular schedule. We give you an excellent robot mops review.

Advantages to owning a robot mop

  1. Relax Clean: You don’t need to worried about mopping your floor regularly. Instead, you have to make an order to clear up your apartment.
  • Scheduled cleaning: If you want to forget about the cleaning and mopping, make a pre-programmed schedule for the robot mops. It will automatically clean up according to your schedule. For example, you can schedule it in your sleeping time or work time. It will be amazing for you to wake up or back home and see a crystal-clear floor.
  • Dry, damp, and wet mopping: Many models of robot mops can do all of them with automated interchangeable cleaning pads. For sensitive surfaces, you have to select a mode from the app’s integration. After that, it will complete the task automatically.
  • Cleans Every corner: A robot mops will clean up every single edge and corner of your home. Wherever you cannot clean and mope on the edge and corner, the robot will clean it for you within a few minutes. In addition, it will automatically clean all spots on your floor.

  • Quiet and Productive: Today, every robot mop on the market is a hybrid vacuum mop. It’s more productive and a multitasker. It can tackle more surface types. It will defiantly save your money and time quietly. In addition, a robot mops will be accomplishing your task without creating noise. They are now quieter than a box fan.

Drawbacks of Robot Mop

  • Expensive Price: A Robot mops prize range start from 200 to 1500 USD. It makes it expensive for some homeowners. There are low-budget hybrids robots, but they don’t have the same versatility comparative with the exact one.
  • Small water tanks: Most of the robomops models have small tanks to reduce weight. But it’s created little trouble for cleaning large surface areas. However, sometimes operating for large floor surfaces are required refilling 2-3 times for remote cleaning.
  • Gets stuck or lost: Some robomops models are get stuck by obstacles like wires or blind cords or under furniture. Fortunately, this problem has not been seen in the latest model. Consequently, we suggest following our latest Best robot mops in 2021.

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